What to happen to the NAAFI

What should we do with it

  • Leave it alone, New mods (I'm forces or ex)

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  • Needs an overhaul, new guidleines and rules (Civvy)

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  • Leave it alone, New mods (civvy)

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voted needs an overhaul - forces or ex

somewhere to let rip with jokes that civvies do not get or find tooooo offensive.

squaddie banter/wit is unique.

as the sign says if offended stay out.
Overhaul it. (surprisingly i'm forces!)

Mods to do what they want to do, without trying to please every cnut.

If people don't like it: a) put your hand up to be a MOD. b) fuck off!


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Voted as per posters above.

It is a pity that new guidelines are required as the original idea was understood by everyone. If not understood - don't fecking post.


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buggrit said:
Voted "Needs an overhaul, new guidleines and rules (I'm forces or ex)"

Explained why in other thread.
Same as above

More robust treatment of repeat offenders and stop dumping sh1t from other threads in NAAFI so people can launch personall attacks
It needs an overhaul (I am ex forces). It is there for irreverent, sometimes tasteless humour, not a porn fest.


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MDN - PM sent.
overhaul needed

ex forces
Overhaul needed, serving forces.

Arrse has become a victim of it's own success. There are too many civvys on this site who haven't served and they are trying to outsquaddy squaddies in the NAAFI bar. P155 off and post your sh1t somewhere else.
I'll run this until 12 tomorrow then move on from there.

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