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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Rocko, Nov 13, 2004.

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  1. so, I leave for ATR Winchester at the end of January.

    what should I expect when I get into Int. Corps?
  2. Lots of nice girlies.
  3. You haven't got there yet!................................patience 8)
  4. On behalf of the Secretary of the Intelligence Corps Association........

    ... you should expect to be told that the correct abbreviation for Int Corps is: "Intelligence Corps"
  5. INT CORPS actually. As per SOHB.
  6. Judging by the standard of todays recruit, a nice few weeks with some awfully nice drill instructors and then off to Quicksands with your comfy slippers.
  7. No doubt today's recruits will also expect to be issued with their Aston on arrival
  8. Wedgying (Spelling :oops: )
  9. And tuxedo and PPK of course.
  10. They clearly don't need a GCSE in English, as highlighted by Mighty_Blighty.
  11. So it would appear :wink:
  12. Too shay MB
  13. Well spitted, obviusly poor tieping and bad spelling are sinomeenus
  14. is this about my spelling, or his?

    and I do have a GCSE in English, I have 2, they were buy one get one free in Tesco :D
  15. Shame about all the helpful replies you've had! 6 months of hard work, try hard and don't give up mate.