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Hi Everyone,

i have two questions, hope you can help.

Well my inital interest was in the army, i applied online over the christmas period, i waited 6 weeks but got no reply, i went down to my local armed forced careers office but there was never any army staff around, so i just figured my application was rejected.

So i went and applied for the RAF as a Regiment Gunner, i did the aptitude test and interview no problems, comes to the medical and i fail on the colour precepion test, now ive never ever mistaken one colour for a different colour, and ive never dont that test before. I came home and googled a few tests and got them with no problems. (i do think i may be slightly colour blind but not serious, like i can tell teh difference between red and green and so on).

I've since re applied for the army and am going through the selection process now.

does anyone know how spot on you have to be with this test in the army? like do you have to get them all right or are you allowed a few mistakes? most my mistakes were due to me rushing and being nervous and mistaking a 7 for a 1.

my second question is to do with the medical, ive searched it and there seems to be a few mixed details.
do i do the medical at the same place i do the interview and barb test? or a different location?

and what does the medical involve? i would guess the same as the RAF test which was the hearing, eye sight, blood pressure, urine test and abit of proding about, but there was no 'ball groping' and no **** examination, do they really happen or is it just a myth?

Thanks in Advance and sorry for any spelling mistakes :D

ps: EDIT, i forgot to mention which job im going for, i have applied to join as an infanty soldier.
hey there,

when i had my medical and had that test to see if your colour blind i got a couple wrong, but they were only on like mistaking a 5 for a 6 or a 1 for a 7. I dont think they are too strict on it because i passed that, i just think if you say its a 1 when its an 8 or get alot wrong.

And the medical examination is done when you go down for selection.
The doctor checks how loud you can shout so any future rsm's can be spotted early. This is done by seeing how wide you can open your mouth and stretch your throat. The test is done by him sticking his engorged throbbing erection as far down your throat as far as it can go while holding your ball bag as you choke. At least thats what he told me

Good luck
Thanks for the info didimate.

and 'joey_deacons_lad' did they test your agility? if not you should go test it yourself, find a busy motorway and dodge, goodluck with that.
I know a bloke who left the regulars because he had an army job he loved on an RAF base and when the annual medical came around he failed the colour perception. They wouldn't listen to reason, he didn't want to go back to his army job and the RAF wouldn't let him on the base. So RAF (apparently) much higher standards.

8% of blokes have some degree of colour blindness. There's an argument that it allows you to see through camouflage better. I certainly know a bloke with serious colour blindness who could see concealed stuff long before anyone else.
You'll be fine Tom,

I'm as colourblind as they come and passed the CP test for Infantry with flying colours (sorry). Put it this way I couldn't see any of the numbers in the book and quite regularly confuse red with brown, blue with purple, yellow with light green, white with light blue and can't see red golf flags if there's a green background....it's my excuse for being a 22 Handicap! Hasn't helped my Snooker career either.

I think they gave me CP4 and it was enough to pass.

As for the rest of your medical, you do the whole hog at ADSC. It's nothing to worry about. ;)

P.S I don't think the RAF allow anyone to join who's Colourblind.
As said all your medical is conducted down at the relevant ADSC on the first day of your two day Recruit selection. There are a number of CEGs (jobs) that require perfect CP but dont worry about that yet. When you fill your initial RG8 and optician forms in if you have an up to date CP put it in the envelope then later down the line when you have a job brief prior to the interviews your recruiter can give you an idea if you can go for that CEG with your readings.
The **** probes are a myth. The ball gropes are not. To quote another post I made recently...

To begin with prior to the medical I gave a urine sample in the toilets and the nurses then administered a sight, hearing, breathing test. This involved closing one of my eyes at a time and reading letters off a card from about 8 - 10 feet away. The hearing test involved going into a soundproof cabin and listening for different tones, pressing a button I held in my hand as soon as I heard the tone. I then gave a breath test by blowing on a tube. My body mass/fat was taken as well as my weight and height.

The medical began with some basic questions such as do I smoke, etc, and a question or two about my lifestyle. He then had a quick rummage through my medical records and took down my physical details (Don't know why as they where already there). We then moved on to the medical where he took my blood pressure and listened to my pulse and heartbeat. He then administered lots of little tests such as asking me to do five pressups, hops, raise myself up on the ball of one of my feet and little things like that (Nothing at all that would be considered hard).

He then took a quick look at my teeth (Which was my only problem as I lost a good portion of my teeth in an accident two years ago) before administering the hernia test where he feels your balls. He put on a plastic glove that looked somewhat like a butty/cake bag and looked away as he felt which I hope is the correct procedure. It lasted all of 2-3 seconds.

He didn't look at my backside and no blood was taken and at no point was I completely naked and it was all done in the privacy of the doctors office by myself while everyone else waited outside for their turn. It might be different elsewhere but I can't imagine it gets any worse than that.
Part of the sight process is they use the Ishihara plate test (I forgot to mention it in the other post) where they show you a circle of coloured dots. Inside this circle is a number written in slightly differently coloured dots and you have to say what it is. It's done to measure colour blindness. If you kept getting them wrong it means the examiner was obviously under the impression you where winging it as a colour blind person either sees a different number to the one shown or no number at all.

Here's a tip for next time. Don't rush. They can be confusing even to perfectly colour aligned vision. Obviously you can't have a cup and a tea and a fag while your thinking about what it might be but don't rush to answer either if you honestly do not know what the number is. They are testing whether you can see the colours, not the numbers, they are just a means of proving you can really see them. This means that if you have to spend a few seconds working it out then that's ok. This is probably why you passed on the tests you downloaded and not during the RAF test if your not colour blind.
Hi, i am just waiting for my medical records to come back, then hopefully going down for selection do i have to do another test even tho i did the BARB test and if so what are the questions? Are the similar to the ones in the RAF?
It depends what your going for. You may have to do a maths test depending on your job choice.

I didn't have to do one as i'm going in as Infantry so i'm afraid i can't help you on the difficulty of it.

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