What to expect on the first day of Basic.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dom_Ireland, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    Maybe this has been posted already, but I just spent nearly an hour searching with no luck.

    I start basic training in a week (16th March) in Pirbright and I'm curious as to what happens on the first day/week. I heard I have to pass another run on day one or I get kicked out or something?

    Or is the first week just filled with kit issue and introductions etc..

    Thanks in advance for any answers.
  2. Pretty much banged the nail on the head :oops:

    Day 1 involves sitting around and settling in. You won't do any phys until you've had your medical, atleast day 2 usually. The medical is quite brief but the doctor does tend to get his/her fingers warm.

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  3. As RE said. Day one is mostly admin. I think you get measured up for your green kit, and not a great deal more. I think you get given some coveralls to wear and a photo taken.
  4. From what ive been told, you arrive and fill in a load of forms etc, have your medical including dental and jabs and icebreakers to get to know everyone.
  5. Im just starting week three now at catterick. And all I can say its a major head screw!

    From week two they are trying to break you, and get rid of you. After week six things slacken right of and you get lots more free time.
  6. You'll find yourself getting marched round to various places, pick random things up EG. your tracksuit, all your kit (can be quite eventful), and you'll attend a lot of different briefs. You'll get shown the basics, and slowly learn what will be expected of you for example locker inspections, uniform and turnout, a good clean shaven face etc.
  7. Expect alot of boredom, and as already explained alot of marching back and forwards to different storerooms picking up bits of kit, visiting all the facilities that you will use, breifings from different ranks around the camp, obviously your medicals and stuff and a church day on sunday that everyone has to go to, the only thing thats good on week 1 is the icebreaker exercise which was on day 3 when i was in, not much of an exercise, more of a sit around a camp fire talking about which girls you banged a week prior to coming into basic, and smoking as many cigarettes as you can because after it the corporals hardly ever let you smoke :D
  8. Dont Believe Stacka they dont try to break you... Training here at ITC is a walk in the park compared to what it was... All you need is enthusiasm and a sense of humour
  9. Posted already, try the search function.
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