What to expect on CFCB?

Just today got the nod that I will be going on CFCB end of May.

Just fishing for feedback on what to expect really. Just a bit of background - I got a RoCo pass at RCB in 1995, so I have been through Westbury before, but it was quite a while ago.

I understand that it is essentially RCB with all the physical bits taken out. So am I right in thinking it's command tasks, plan ex, discussion and lecturette? Any curve balls out there that I should know about?

(Only had this white target, I mean tape, for a couple of weeks and already I am sick of it!)
Your description is about right: RCB without the physical bits. That said, you should have done a prep course (akin to the briefing for the regular board) before you go. If this is not already in place, you should talk to your CEO or Commandant. If your county doesn't do one, you can almost cerainly do it with another county.
Manninagh - are you a deadhead? lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it's been.

i did do an assessment day before christmas. there was discussions, a written exercise, plan ex, lecturettes and command tasks. piece of p!$$ actually. i remembered finding RCB quite tough, and ofcourse it lasted longer.

but one of the assessors there, who was from another county and who sits on the board at westbury a lot, apparently said i was more than ready. which is nice.

i'm not particularly worried about this. the acf is, after all, just a hobby. if i screw up i can always go back to being an SI. just don't want any surprises!
massivegeoff said:
Manninagh - are you a deadhead? lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it's been.
Well spotted... although as a true follower of St Jerry I can barely remember the trip at all... I just assume it was long and strange. But now the dancing bears are just stickers on my helmet. Glad my taste in music didn't come up at RCB...
I attended my AOSB back in Augustbut didn't pass mainly because of my fitness and I'm goin on my CFCB in April.

You are quite correct in sayin that a CFCB is exactly like the AOSB minus the physical bits and if you've done prep training for it then it should be a breeze.

Good luck mate

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