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what to expect for first 6 weeks in basic?

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im off catterick in a few weeks to start my phase 1 training so can anyone with past experience shed some light on what i can expect? i cant wait but also bit nervous :)

breakfast in bed (at 0930), a casual stroll around the grounds, couple hours snooze, afternoon tea, dinner in the mess using silver cutlery !!
Week 1 - 2 - Bit of PT, expect to do a PFT within the first few days of getting there. Loads of paperwork, docs checks and kit issue, intro to drill. Begin weapons training (skill at arms lessons)

Weeks 2 - 4 - More PT, regular locker/kit/room/block inspections, should do your weapons handling test towards the back end of week 4 and get on the DCCT (an indoor electronic firing range basically).

Weeks 5 - 6 - Even more PT, inspections, more drills, live firing, etc.

Then a Weekends leave

Also included in your first 6 weeks is 2 Intro Ex's, the first being a one nighter intro into living in the field and abit of an ice breaker the second a little more warry learning abit of basic field craft.

Good luck, what capbadge?

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