What to eat before the 1.5mile run?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mshortm, May 9, 2007.

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  1. I have been given my date for my run, the 19th of may.

    I can do this run in around 10:30 but seem to be improving by 10 seconds each time i do it.

    Normaly eat a bowl of cheerios, banana and yoghurt for breakfast and drink orange juice.
    Can anyone recomend a better breakfast that may help me shave a few more seconds off my time?

    Would also welcome any other tips.
  2. Bacon, eggs, chips, beef, chicken, fish and beans. Strongbow, cheese, yogurt, 4 pints of milk, caviour if you get it' if not a cod roll.
    Actually pal i ate cereal only. Apples at night. splash colsd water on your face in the morning and it will soak it up like a sponge!!
    It gets pretty dry.......

    The JOker!
  3. How long before the run do you eat? Pre-exercise feeding should not be a huge factor on a 10 min effort, that said you can do some things to improve this small factor. Your overall diet is a much bigger factor, as is post exercise feeding. Both will allow you to recover much more effectively if dialed in correctly.

    PM me if you want more specific advice.
  4. And take some sandwiches in case you get peckish halfway through.
  5. 10 pints of Stella and a three course chinese the night before. The MSG works wonders on your system on a run.
  6. Bone question...next?
  7. I suggest a couple of mouthfuls of your own excement. Seriously! My neigbours Grehound often eats his own poo, and he can run like a ...


  8. Banana's

    They taste the same which ever way they are going!
  9. Cat sick - if you can get it, my local kebab shop has it, normally on the pavement outside 'of a saturday evenin'
  10. The PSO's missus' poon the night before, then tell him about it while showing him the video on your mobile just before the start.

    Should get you in nice and quick.
  11. In the good old days of BFT's wearing boots and 5AB Bde, I would normally eat a chilli kebab or a Tony's fish supper, preceeded by 10 pints of lager and 20 B&H.

    Chances were, the kebab and ale would make an apperance on the warm up but I could still do it under 9 minutes.

    Trainer wearing hermos the fucking lot of you.

    Show me your sweet, smooth, genitalia.
  12. Show me your f*cked ankles/knees/hips..edit as req! :wink:
  13. I was / am of the very same ilk. My joints are fine because I regularly do phys and am therefore a fit, virile harbinger of death.

    The only injury I sustained from 5AB was broken knuckles from giving obese craphats a dose of instant Nightnurse. :D
  14. since starting this topic i have now managed to reach sub 10 minutes, which i think is a good time for a lazy chav youth! one week left to train and the added pressure of the day im aiming for a 9:30 time which what i have heard from my friends in the reg's is a very good time for someone who hasnt started basic yet.