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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lois-claire, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. what should i do??????

    ive always wanted to join the army, and in the last couple of years decided that CAMUS would be a good option for me (i know people, have your jokes at this point!!!)

    however my parents arent too happy about me wanting to join

    im 16 at the moment and im in my second year of college(i took my GCSE's a year early) but i dont think i can hack another year of college because im not enjoying my subjects, and 7 hours in classroom learning about french and spanish grammar just isnt really my scene

    so, here comes the crunch....what should i do, make my parents unhappy, quit college and join, finish the year, make my parents unhappy, or be miserable for the rest of my life and work in an office but keep my parents happy???

    ok, so the last option just isnt realistic, but out of the other two which sounds best, i think i really just need another opinion to help me make up my mind for sure

  2. You sure your not using joining up as an excuse to leave college?
  3. You're the only person that can decide I'm afraid. Weigh up the pros and cons of both, then approach your parents and discuss it with them. They may come round to your way of thinking if you've done all your research, and put forward a good case for doing what you really want to do.
  4. There isn't an old ex soldier on here who wouldn't tell you to finish your studies first. Not many of us regret our service but most of us regret joining too early and not getting a decent education, something that isn't easy to rectify later on in life. And learning boring foreign languages now will give you far better options in the military.

    Stay at college, suffer it for the moment and then, if you still want to, join the army a little later but with some qualifications.
  5. yeah, they know i have loads of reading material and DVD's etc in my room and i keep asking them to read it/watch it, but they just say they havent got time etc, and make excuses, which is REALLY frustrating, and then when i try to talk to them they just get really annoyed

    ive already done loads of work experience, so i have afair idea of what im getting into, so they know its not just a spur of the moment kind of thing

    and i would be joining anyway even if i did finish college, its just it would be a bit later rather than now!!!!

    i have some flute lessons with the AGC band at sandhurst next month (they're on roulement tour there) so i'll talk to their BM while im there, and see what he says aswell.

    the one that really gets to me is that my mum loves seeing me on parade (im on the band and corps of drums of Hant and IOW acf at the moment) and she always wells up with tears and stuff, and yet shes the one keeping me from doing that all the time...AND getting paid for it!!!!!!

    maybe i'll sit them down again and just read from books and give them loads of info and stuff

    and then keep my fingers crossed!!!!!
  6. If you're going to join anyway, then you're better off finishing your studies first. You completed your GCSEs early, so you're not a retard. The extra qualifications will help you get ahead, not necassarily in the Forces (depending on what you join), but later on in life. What k13eod said was perfectly right....later on in life you may not enjoy the Army, and the extra quals will certainly help in civvy st.
  7. L_C

    k13 is absolutely spot on.

    IMO for what it's worth stick with your college studies and then join the Army. Like you I also completed my GCSE's a year early and then got fed up with sitting in a classroom, however I stuck with it and can honestly tell you that I'm bloody glad I did now.

    As an alternative you may consider Welbeck College?
  8. thanks unlucky_alf, its so nice to hear an opinion from someone else who did their GCSE's early, as normally peopel seem to think that you must be some kind of child genius just because of 1 year!!!

    i did look at welbeck, but for the subjects i study, it didnt really fit, and theres no point in starting my A levels again so i thought i'd just stick it out here, but im finding it really hard because i have no motivation to do well at college because i dont want to be here (my parents threatened to throw me out if i didnt at least try my 2nd year of college, and a sturday from boots would be hard pushed to pay rent :) )

    i can see where everyone is coming from in encouraging me to stay so that i have some level 3 qualification to fall back on, but i did distance learning when i was at school aswell and so i already have a couple of BTECs (an award in business administration and a certificate in music) which when added together are equivalent to 3 A-levels anyway, studying at college will just give me 3 more A-levels, and i dont see that any employer would ask for the equivalent value of 6 A-levels

    im still not convinced, but it might just be me being narrow minded

    but a big thanks for everyones comments so far, they've really made me think

  9. I've pm you because it kinder sounds a bit like the prob i had with my parents and i'm guessing your planning on joining the music corps like am.
  10. That's great advise.
    Would send you that in a pm but it stays in the outbox :?
  11. It stays in the outbox until read I think?
  12. My bold. What the government tells you and what employers actually think are two different things. Business administration and music BTECs are not really a competition for a Maths and a Chemistry A level.

    You are best continuing with your education; you may hate it now, but it will pay dividends. I slogged my way through endless years of science, desperate to join up, but now I'm glad I did it.

    If you've got a few years of college left, consider the TA. It'll give you an insight into the life, and something to do in the evenings other than sit in your room and read the recruiting brochures.
  13. well like everyone else has said mate its upto you!
    im sure if you let your parents know its realy what you want todo(if you do) they would support you.
    but then again if your in your second year of college id say carry on and get your A levels as i take it youve got A.S so far?

    but if you realy want to join you better get your parents on your side as one of them is going to have to sign the consent form as your not 18.
  14. I agree with the above, join the TA, and finish your studies. That way you get the best of both worlds. Once you have finished your studies, then (and only if you have enjoyed life in the TA) look at joining up.

    My parents wouldn't let me join at 16, so I went to college, got some qualifications (not spelling!) and then joined at 19, now I look back and thank them, as it forces me to have something to fall back on when I came back onto civvie street.