What to do ?

Alas the fifty year old heating system at work has finally given up the ghost and flooded the office, a nice suprise to be told not to come into work so how to spend my day ! There are a multitude of things i should be doing, admin, filling up the fridge ect ect but getting smashed and eating my own body weight in farm foods is winning at the minute ! I may even shoot next door and finally re-hang a door for her as the filthy little tracksuit wearing chav will be inebriated on merrydown and copious amounts of Jeremy Kyle.
What would be your best way to while away an unexpected day off ?
I had last Friday off, so I watched Letters to Iwo Jima and Flags of our Fathers, with copious amounts of tea (it was daytime) and biccies. Happy days!!
Whatever you do, don't sit around scratching yourself and surfing ARRSE all day.

It's a day off, you want to get away from the work environment.