what to do?

Hello all first post need some advice i've got application ongoing done barb test and interviews just waiting for a date for selection centre.My problem is i've got rac as my first choice and always fancied going for the challenger2 however my local regiment is the QRL who are recce so dont know wether to join a regt with challys or go for the QRL who i've only heard good things about and if i did join the latter will they ever go back to MBTs or are they recce for good
any help would be gratefully recieved
Gaz go to your local Recruitment office and ask the Questions. Recce is quite a good number, as you're the eyes and ears of the battle group. If you are certain you want tanks(I was, for 23yrs!! :D ) then join the Regiment with the prospect of having Tanks for a long period of time..All the very best in your career.
thankyou both for your help much appreciated scarletto would i be right in thinking your QRL if so could is there any chance you could pm me with some info on it such as day to day life and anything you think might be of interest to a potential recruit

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