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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by drz400:), Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Okay, I'm in a pretty tough prediciment for myself at the moment. I've got a few months left of school then I leave and join a force. It's gotta be something military for me as that's always been a dream, but I've got no clue where to go...

    Army, Marines or do more studying as a motorcycle mechanic and join the TA?

    I understand the different amounts of physical training needed for each, and at the moment I am in no way fit enough to join the Marines, but that's why I'm deciding now, next load of months just pure training. I've looked at all the pros and all the cons of each and Marines seems to be the way forward but is there anyway I could be sure of this?

    Basically does anyone know how I could make this life changing experience the right one?

    Any (helpful) info you've got about each of them please share!

    Thanks, Luke.
  2. Have you thought about what you want to do once in? Go to the careers and get a list of all the jobs in the forces. Remember the Navy deals with the Marines though. If you did carrying on studing to be a motorbike mech and then joined the TA, at least if you did apply to the regs, you'd have a trade under your belt (more use if you only ended up doing 4 or 5 years) and you might find basic trainnig a bit easier as you'd have more life experiance, rather than being a spotty little 16 year old still wet behind the ears.
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  3. If I go army it will be armourer, marines would be infantry until promotion when you can decide on a specialised role, there I have no idea, TA would either be infantry or reme. The armourer would grant me qualifications anyway whereas infantry doesn't but I can still do further education in the forces, cant I?
  4. If your joining the army at about 16 you'll be sent to one of the foundational collages depending on your job. But I was told that they're going to just have Harrogate soon, but you can complete an apprenticeship there. But if your gonna go for the marines you should go down to the careers office and see if they can get you on an incite corse.
  5. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    mate im in the same predicament.
    I think i will join a regular infantry regiment, but my qualm is whether to go h'officer or soldier.
    it is a big choice in my eyes and it will decide the rest of you're military career so you have to make the right choice.
    you want something that you can enjoy but also get a rewarding experience from, you dont want to be bored otherwise you may think about leaving; which aint good
    this may not help much in terms of what you want to find out, but should give you an idea of what to weigh it up against.
  6. Excuse my lack of knowledge but what is an incite course? Is it like the army's look at life course?
  7. Thanks for the input, makes me realise there are still people out there in the same problem as me! ;) Like you said, it will decide the rest of you're military career, and I plan on staying in and completing my full 22! I think I'll enjoy anything but something I'll be respected for, the TA is hated by almost all other forces, due to their 'not real army training' or the fact that they will 'maybe' be replacing some of the soldiers postions out in afghan but hey. It's either an army armourer or a Marine? But at the moment I know I'm physically incapable of being a marine and can I cope with being on a boat almost all the time not on deployment? lol What makes you want to do reg infantry?
  8. Well I know the paras have one and I'm guessing the marines have one, basically yes it is you go away for a weekend and do runs,first aid, obstacle courses etc to see if that's the regiment for you and to see if your fit enough for that regiment. If you go down to your local careers office they might be able to book you on one if there's any placements left.
  9. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    because of my experiences with ex regs and being in the cadets (preparing for incoming).
    i know that i enjoy being out in the field and i get properly pissed off if its not done right. I enjoy the physical side of it as i have completed all 3 levels of DoE and i like the opportunity of the different specialist courses availible.
    and btw an insight course is usually a weekend course that different reg's offer so that you can have an opportunity to see what life is like with them. Para's run one which im definitly aware of.
    its a good course to go on, becuase it gives you an insight into most military aspects and not just that reg.
    also before you go do your phase 1, you have the option of doing a 10 day experience course which gears you up for what training will be like.
    any other questions i'll be happy to help
  10. The Army and the Royal Marines both require a level of physical fitness. Equally, whichever you choose, you'll need to be totally committed or the likelihood is, you'll wrap.

    Why not postpone your decision.

    Download a fitness program from either the RN site, or the Army site and proceed to get fit. As you approach the fitness standards required, visit an Armed Forces Careers Office and express an interest. You'll be given lots of info and an initial presentation.

    Use the time while you're getting fit to research both services. The answer should become obvious.

    Edited to add:- Check out this forum, probably the best resource on the net for potential RMs.

    PRMC - Potential Royal Marines Course forum - Official Site
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  11. At 16, 17, 18 you are not IMHO going to be ready either physically or mentally ready for service in either the marines including commando artillery, or any other elite forces.These selection courses are set deliberately difficult and with great skill to weed out those who are not going to withstand the rigours of extensive, prolonged training and development as a professional fighting soldier. If you think that the commando course is too tough for you then it is because a lot of any type of selection is mental as well ass physical.You need to reach your ultimate in physical exhaustion and be able to keep going.Its like hitting the wall in a marathon yet going on to the finish. Not all of us are cut out for it and not all of us should attempt it. Just because you are not cut out for one of the few, don't despair some of these people are very strange and some of them find it damages them for life. Reading what you have said give yourself some time you have lots of that.Study on, join the TA they are much above what they used to be and you will get the chance to meet ex regulars and sometimes serving soldiers.Mostly we are a good bunch and you can listen and learn then decide a little bit later on. I studied whilst serving and eventually got a degree and a post grad qualification but its not easy as even the military is a work situation.Take your time it will all fall into place if you keep your head down and your nose clean
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  12. Get your arse to college, get your fitness up and have a look a Marines after college. (Uni an option?) You can do a few years general duties and then go armourer in the Marines.
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  13. Finish your education and get your qualifications as a mechanic. That way you will have OPTIONS which is good. Do not abandon your current course to rush into the military. Maybe, by the time you reach the correct decision point, you will have formed a better view of where you want to go.
  14. You dont need to be promoted to apply for specialisation. Also, you dont have to be superman to start basic training with the Royal Marines, it's a long but progressive course with loads of phys thrown in so as long as you can satisfy yourselve that you didnt struggle too much on your PRMC then go for it. The Army and the Royal Marines are entirely different animals and I have served in both, each have their own benefits and each has their own negative points, get in front of the relevant recruiters and brain drain them.
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  15. So if I just train for the PRMC and do enough to pass that 'easily' then I should be fine? I'm just worried that I'll be training for the next few months just to find it was no where near enough training. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on both, Army and Marines?