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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by TartanTrooper, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. I told a girl i like her and asked her if she feels the same way about me, she said "I dont let myself like people because i dont want hurt, its hard to explain, but you are lovely" (she had a bad break up a while ago) im not sure if thats the truth or if she is just trying to say no nicely, if it is the truth then im willing to wait until she has gotten over the pain from her break up, there is a three year age difference and im not sure if thats whats putting her off me or if its because we will both be going off to training and she doesnt want to have a long distance relationship (because we are training at different ATR's)

    Should i wait until she is ready for a relationship and try to show her i would do anything to have her in my life and would never hurt her, or try to get over her?

    edit: just like to point out she is the oldest shes 19 im 16, and her best friend (also 19) is going out with a 16 year old, not sure if that makes a difference but thot id include it
  2. Man up you sissy! She said no nicely. Now bang someone your own age and in your own postcode
  3. All the girls round here at my age are infested with crabs and look like they have ran into a lot of walls, and almost definetly were dropped on their head as a baby........ from a great height. they are so retarded one of them thinks wind turbines make wind and rain can be turned on and off by farmers
  4. That's the end of that one then. She'll be getting banged senseless by assorted other recruits...maybe even as you're reading this.
  5. Aside from the crabs, your complaint is?
  6. Don't be so shallow. Dumb, ugly sluts have feelings too.
  7. Rohypnol is your friend here, with the added bonus that you don't need to hang around afterwards.
  8. the intake is in september, if shes not going to bang me i dont think she will be getting banged by the trolls in training (not full of myself but i have seen some of the inbreds that join) and shes not even sure if she is going to join or go to college for another year (we are on the same college course just now) oh and she is 19 and has only had sex once (so she says) so i dont think she is going to be the next Dolly **** slut
  9. She will. Bet you a fiver.
  10. You are a virgin.
  11. Agreed. Even as we speak she's struggling to breathe as she's currently been made airtight by her training staff.
  12. just like to point out again the intake is in september so she wont be there until..........september, highly dout she will be getting fucked by the staff in england if we live in scotland
  13. wrong....
  14. I'm not wrong.

    I do know that you are not a trooper either.


  15. Wanking doesn't count.