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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dansrockin, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. hi, im interested in joining the TA, have been to my local TAC and had all the chat, and i am currently in the process of losing enough weight to pass the medical (im a fat barstewerd currently 120kg, but i have managed to lose 8 kg in the last 5 weeks so its coming off!).
    ive been reading all the posts about the TA being slowly squeezed to death, i've started to ge a bit concerned as to whether its all worth it or not.
    i live in banbury and my local unit is 5 signal squadron, a sub unit of 31 signal regiment. i spoke to someone there the other day who said they are being reassigned to a different regiment and being made a troop, but all the training and day to day stuff will be staying exactly the same, so come on down and join up!
    what i want to know is am i wasting my time putting all this hard work only to find out that when im all done and ready, the TA is no more!
    i know that might be a bit extreme but from reading some of the posts on here, it looks like that the way its going!
    sorry if this is a bit long winded but its something i've wanted to do for a long time, and now i've finally got around to doing it, i dont want it to all be for nothing.
  2. Losing weight and getting fit and healthy is hardly a waste of time or for nothing regardless of whether you join the TA or not.
  3. oh i know that, but joining the ta is something i really want to do, and im using that as the main goal for getting fit and losing the weight.
    ive always had an interest in the army, and would've got fit enough to join before now (im 30) but work and family commitments have always got in the way, or some other excuse to sit on my arse! but i am really committed to this now and i dont want to miss out on my chance now i am finally doing something about it.
  4. Don't worry about all the supposed cutbacks.

    The real role for the TA is to cover for the Regulars if the coup takes longer than anticipated and extends into the weekend.
  5. You are within a reasonable distance from A & E Coy, 7 Rifles, they are NOT getting cut.

    A Company is in Abingdon and E Company is in Milton Keynes.

    Try one of them.
  6. im guessing thats the same A Coy thats at slade park in oxford? they also have 202 Field Hospital there i believe, and if i had to travel to oxford thats the one i would probably choose as i work in health care at the min.
    its just that the banbury unit is about 5 mins drive, whereas the oxford units are coming close to an hour drive each way, which would start costing a bit in fuel!
    but reading some of the posts on here, it looks like the whole of the TA could be getting slimmed down, not just the sigs.
    i know its all theory at the mo, but could it happen in practise?
  7. The 'whole' of the TA is NOT being slimmed down especially Infantry units.

    Although 7 Rifles manage to have a massive overspend each year they are not on the chopping block.

    The whole Army's emphasis is feeding the war in Afghanistan, Infantry units do just that, Signals units with obsolete communications equipment do not. I guess you can see the correlation.

    Athough most people in the TA do just join the nearest unit, if you want something more you should be willing to travel.

    You may not be aware that TA soldiers get paid travel expenses to and from duty. It is feasable that if you joined a unit a bit further away you could take home more from travel expenses than training on a training evening.

    Why would you want to do the same as your civilian job in the TA? surely people join the TA initially for something different and for a challenge?

    All units and sub units in the TA have a number of different employment options. Although A & E Coy's are primarily Infanty they have attached personnel from different cap badges, such as: Clerks - AGC, Cooks - RLC, Mechanics - REME, Medics - RAMC. So if you are dead set on carrying on with the medical theme then you can in a non medical unit.

    Slade Park is (if it has not already) closing down.
  8. thanks for the info, i didnt know that you get paid travelling expenses so that makes it a bit easier! i'll definitly lookinto the other job roles available, i just thought it might be a bit easier if i stuck with a job that i had experience in, and i could also use some of the things i learnt in the ta in my civvie job. im quite happy to travel if it means i can get to join the ta. how does infantry TA training differ from other units? are the entry requirements any different?
  9. Initial application and selection is the same for ALL cap badges/units/Regt's. Go to your prospective unit, express an interest in joining and you will be given an arm full of forms to fill out. When that is done you are given a full medical from (in most cases) a designated GP within the community that is authorizes to do so.

    If you pass the medical you get loaded onto a selection at ADSC (P), Army Development & Selection Centre (Pirbright). There you will undergo a number of tests, activities and presentations in order to select your suitability for service in the Army. For all intents and purposes it is the same format as regular selection barr the order of a couple of activities. The selection standard for all is the same less the BARB test scores which are cap badge specific (FYI Infantry = 26, RAMC = between 52 & 58 dependant on employment). You will have one of three results from selection, Pass, Fail or deferred for another attempt at a later stage (generally not within 3 months).

    If you pass the selection you then get loaded onto Ph 1 A & B training at 4 DIv RTC (SE) at Malta Bks in Aldershot. This is your 'basic training' and is very intensive. this is where Infantry and Non Infantry start to go on different paths. Initially all cap badges are mixed together and complete x6 weekends training. After this the Non Infantry pass off and go onto a two week residential Ph 2 course, once they have passed off from that they complete trade training and carry on normal training with their units. Infantry stay at 4 Div RTC (SE) to complete a further three weekends training, when they pass off they then complete the 'Combat Infantryman's Course' at Catterick which is a two week residential course. Once they pass off from there they join their unit for the normal training regime.

    All attached arms in Infantry units (as mentioned in my previous post) follow the training path of Non Infantry NOT the Infantry path.

    Once both paths merge after their training they are then collectively controlled by their Battalion. For the most part attached arms in an Infantry Bn follow the same training regime except when their specialist skills are needed (which does tend to be a LOT of the time).
  10. thanks very much, very informative! its definitly given me something to think about.
    i certainly like the idea of being attatched to an infantry unit, i think it could be a lot more interesting than just sitting in a signals unit answering the phones! lol
    is there much chance to go and play in the sandpit or some other far flung playground with the rifles, be it as an infantryman or other attatched trade?
    i really appreciate the info, it doesnt seem to be as free flowing from the units as it should be!
  11. msr

    msr LE

    We have guys on the current HERRICK and guys looking for places on the next one, so there is no shortage of opportunities.

    You will get as much info as you want next Tuesday ;)

  12. next tuesday is still a bit close! lol the weight is falling off but ive still got about 4 stone to go til i get to the 'ideal' bmi weight! i might be a walking skeleton by then but i am going to do it!
    im just looking for info at the mo, i dont want to waste unit time by turning up and looking all keen and then telling them they are going to have to wait while i slim down even more!
    thanks for all the advice though its been very helpful and any more would be appreciated.