What to do?


Chaps I recently attempted and failed my main board. Obviously I'm gutted, but im not going to let it get me down and I'm in the process of trying to figure out what to do with my six month delay.
I havn't had a meeting with my ACA as of yet but I dont think its worth counting working over my weaknesses as i feel that's a given!
At the minute I seem to have three options:

1.Join the ta
2.Get a job

Option 1 seems to carry the most benifits, get fit, get experience, get confident and get paid but would my papers clear in time? could i use the papers i submited for the aosb?

Option 2 is pretty self explanitory!

Option 3 I've made contact with the National trust for a stint of volunteer work and feel that this would benifit me the most in the long run with the AOSB second round.

This seems to be a pretty round about away of asking for advice, what did guys who failed 1st time round here do? any tips or ideas of what I should be doing with my time? Thanks in advance

Also does anyone know how strict they are with this six month delay? as in will March count as one of my months and could I try again in August and hopefully make the September intake?
Greetings Paddi, I too have just failed main board. Were you there 17-20th March. I was blue 15...the loud one!!!

Its a horrible feeling isn't it...this is all i have ever wanted to do...and at the moment it seems a million miles away. Havn't had my report back yet but i know it was the plan ex, in all aspects that went wrong for me. What do you think you did wrong??

Im starting to worry that i just cant crack the plan ex under pressure...i did loads of practice and still messed up.

Buty you are right, we must not let it get us down....and return to Westbury better!!! I have already requested that my sponsor send an application for another date in six months...and i think the six months is fairly cast in stone. So i dont expect to get another date realistically until October.

As for what to do with your six months.....its a hard one. Luckily i had already planned a trip to Oz and NZ for six weeks...which boy do i need just to get my head sorted and pick myslef up. I think joining the TA is an option but one which would take some time to sort out and im not sure you would benefit enormously from it...although it shows a committment. I personally would suggest, booking yourself on another.....and buggering of to travel and do anything you have ever wanted to do. If you cant get the money together to travel then you could look to volunteer or have a look at some charity events which allow you to pay through sponsorship for mountain climbs and treks all around the world. Do some courses if you can?? Go walking. Get to the theatre. Get super fit. Read lots. And consider a plan b if all doesnt go to plan.

Its easy for me to say all this to you, but am myself very down about it all. I dont want to have to consider another career but i guess i need to atleast think about it. I want to be in the military but think i would be too frustrated as a private soldier, ive thought about the police and doing royal marine reserves at the same time too. There are options out there old boy, and i do believe everything happens for a reason, but this isnt the end and we must show true grit and determination...go back and smash it...showing that we do have what it takes.

All the best mate,



I was black 53 on that board. I think it was just a culmination of silly mistakes that did it for me, I know they say you don't fail on any one thing. My plan ex was pretty bad but i think the straw that broke the camels back so to speak was my phys. In my opinion it made me look like I couldn't be bothered to prepare.


I fell I had prepared. Clearly not enough tho, i was able to complete the fitness tests MSFT and everything the sat before but my bleep test effort was poor to say the least at board. I guess I'll have to wait and see what the debrief with my ACA throws up.

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