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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RetroMozza, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Righto lads, went to the careers office last week with a view to joining infantry, want to get out there and fights - all that bollocks.

    Anyway, the lad there said no way am I going in the infantry with my qualifications (A levels) and wants me to join the intelligence corps

    Now, he painted a pretty picture of it, but after checking on here about it, it seems they don't do **** all really and it's a muppets job...

    So, what do I do?

    I DO NOT want to sit behind a desk all day and do boring shite, I'm doing that right now

    I DO want to be something slightly 'higher up' than infantry. Full credit to infantry, they do a great job, but apparantly it's not for me..

    Any suggestions?
  2. Brain the size of a small moon???

    Ammo Tech, no question
  3. no matter what, infantry is the place to be. and i'm sure most on ARRSE will say the same.
  4. I would say I'm of average intelligence, nowt special...

    Infantry is the place to be then eh??? Maybe I'll say I want to do that then
  5. It's your career! Do what you want to do!
  6. I agree with that, be sure you stick to whatever decision you make as the recruiters sometimes do like to try an put you somewhere else.
    Iam goin for Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 2.
  7. Is there anywhere I can see the full list of what the army has to offer without all the sales spin put on it by the army?

    I could be an officer, but told the fella I didn't want to do that because it meant paperwork, and he says 'intelligence corps'!!!

    I want to be on the frontline I reckon, but not sure what doing
  8. Hi Mate. If you want a decent Regiment you have a number of choices, i would say any of the following are good solid & well recruited:

    Royal Anglian Regiment (my fav)
    - 1st Battlion (Vikings)
    - 2nd Battlion (The Poachers)

    Royal Regiment Fusiliers
    The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
  9. What makes you say that? I must be thick as **** in reality because I don't even know what these do!
  10. I was in a very similar boat to you many, many years ago. I wanted Infantry but was too smart (apparently) however they cannot stop you joining the Infantry because you are too smart at all, its just his attempt to fill more technical roles that he is short on, its your career, you choose what you want to do, if you don't even like the sound of the Int Corps job, then don't do it. Saying all that I'm sure they do a bit more than f*ck all

    What did I choose in the end ? Why The Royal Regiment of Artillery of course and never looked back, I got the best of both worlds, did a technical job that stretched the grey matter and was still get stuck in (so to speak) all but one of my tours was on the ground patrolling etc, check out the jobs on http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk, you can stream line your search for pure combat roles if you want and look at the job descriptions.

    My advice mate is before you get down there have a bloody good look, have a few choices and go in armed (with information of course) he has obviously marked you up as a soft touch if you have gone in and just said Infantry. Find the job you like and then stick to your guns (That's not a pun to make you join the Gunners BTW)

  11. Youve already said you want to get out there and fight ; all credit to the other trades but inf is the one for you by the sound of it. Theyre obviously going to try and sway you into a different role, its their job ffs! When i did my barb test and gave them my grades, they said any job in the army is open to you...they also gave it the 'your not joining inf etc etc.'...but now im waiting to go to catterick in april,. just remember its the job youll be doing for at least 4 years so youve gotta want to do it!
  12. Thanks mate.

    I wouldn't say I was a soft-touch, I would just say that I honestly have no clue what I want to do - and he put the whole 'James Bond' touch on the intelligence corps.. which made it sound really good!!

    I will have a look through the army jobs website then..
  13. I would read nearly every job available to you which is probably all of them. soak up as much info and take the one that jumps out at you thats how i made my mind up.

    If thats any help!
  14. Will do.. thanks mate. :eek: