What to do with the Signals

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by edforce1, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Is anyone else of the opinion that the MOD doesn't quite know what to do with TA Signals units that have Ptarmigan, despite its recent decision for to keep it until 2014

    Again this year our two week camp has absolutely nothing to do with Ptarmigan, but will be based around improving our mil skills in order that we are better trained to fill the ever changing role that current military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq dictate.

    While must people accept that the role of the Signals has changed and will continue to, due to the nature of the current operations and the advances in technology, why keep Ptarmigan when most Regular units have got rid?

    Retention and attendance within my own unit is dwindling and i would imagine it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell the Signals as leaders in IT and Communications to potential new recruits when the chances are they will hardly touch any comms or IT kit.

    I am sure many regs dont really care about this post, but it must be equally frustrating for those units that have recently mothballed their Ptarmigan kit and are sat twiddling their thumbs.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated to!
  2. I agree with your comments, is it time to do away with TA Signals units?
  3. Edforce,

    You are already running this thread in the TA Forum. You have already had my answer. When a new user brings up the same emotive subject with his first two posts, he is clearly fishing for something. What is your agenda I wonder. Stop stirring up crap or your comments will be deleted.
  4. Bow_man why so defensive i have no agenda i was purely interested what the regulars as well as the TA thought of the matter i raised.

    Sorry i was unaware Big Brother was watching, in future i will keep my thoughts to myself.
    I thought forums allowed people to express their views and generally have a discussion, obviously not!
  5. They do and they have been expressed in the TA forum, oddly enough regulars can read too and can find their way to that forum. There is no need to do the same subject twice in different forums.

    For those that are interested please respond here::
  6. But they aren't gonna loose their Bde are they???????
  7. I was under the impression Ptarmigan was designed for BAOR, and it´s role of slowing down the 3rd Shock Army as it went on holiday in the Bay of Biscay.

    TA components were there from the start.

    Ptarmigan was also, at the time, very user freindly and easy to maintain. Automatic Test Equipment? BITE?

    Obviously now it is a little aged.
  8. I transferred to 34 Sigs(V) from 3 PWO(V) in 99, I picked up Ptarmigan very quickly. Am I correct in thinking you were a TA RR Op and when you went regular you went Tech (or 2nd guess RTG/DTG) or your choice of TA role (like mine) was based on fun rather than the best trade you could get.

    I disagree about TA not getting Ptarmigan, my Sig Sqn (49 - Leeds) could use it to a high standard but other Sqns in the regiment couldn't. 33 also seemed to have the same problem with Manchester based 42 being far better than others.

    I suppose I'm trying to say only certain areas can attract soldiers that the regular army would want. I believe those areas also have a large numbers of IT jobs such as Edinburgh, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Notts/Derby etc.

    Some of these were traditional homes to the early volunteer signal regiments. Leeds managed to provide 2 divisional Signal Regiments and the first two Air Formation Signal regiments in WW2 other areas couldn't do this.


    So try targeting those wanting fun (maybe offer quals instead) and base units in areas skills we want are prevalent.
  9. Having successfully made quite a few people bite, as of late, your attempt is poor.

    D- Try again.
  10. Probably two ... heh hum.
  11. The regular army would have probably got me (more than likely as a tech wanting to eventually go for FofS), if I'd joined TA Signals from the start.

    We've a couple of IS Eng/techs types the regular army would probably want, maybe it needs to be made easier to move from one part of the corps to another. Not sure how? When I joined Signals (as Sgt) I'd done 10 years in IT (mostly defense work) & TA Infantry, the only option would have been to been to enter as a Siggie. Not an option when you have a young family to support.

    The TA Sigs needs some incentives to stop recruits from joining the TA Infantry, which I believe effects both regular and TA recruiting. We need to make the TA Sigs a harder corp to get in, which should attract soldiers from other corps, benefiting all of us.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    You would be better off offering civilian IT skills and mil trg.

    If people had the chance to get some 'real' quals and then use them on an op tour, you would be beating them off with a sharpened stick.

  13. Can you go back to the old avatar, the new one distracting
  14. We need to make the TA Sigs a harder corp to get in, which should attract soldiers from other corps, benefiting all of us.[/quote]

    But what we need to do is give (and train) :? the guys up on the up to date kit, then that will take care of its self
  15. In both 34 and 38 Sigs Regts, the vast majority of supervisors came from other corps (Inf & RAOC), they only came over when their units disbanded or re-roled.
    Although I was thinking about joining REng, RSigs or RAF Comms role - regular, joining the same units in the TA wasn't considered (although RAF Reg in Lincoln was)