What to do with the Signals

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by edforce1, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Is anyone else of the opinion that the MOD doesn't quite know what to do with TA Signals units that have Ptarmigan, despite its recent decision for to keep it until 2014

    Again this year our two week camp has absolutely nothing to do with Ptarmigan, but will be based around improving our mil skills in order that we are better trained to fill the ever changing role that current military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq dictate.

    While must people accept that the role of the Signals has changed and will continue to, due to the nature of the current operations and the advances in technology, why keep Ptarmigan when most Regular units have got rid?

    Retention and attendance within my own unit is dwindling and i would imagine it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell the Signals as leaders in IT and Communications to potential new recruits when the chances are they will hardly touch any comms or IT kit.

    Your thoughts!
  2. Disband us all!!!

    Seriously though, I see what you are saying, it is exactly the same at our unit.
    The vast majority of camps are now MATTS and mill skills in preperation for when we re-roll/change cap badge (no one at my unit believes this will happen, but I like being the voice of doom :D )
    A siggy at my unit has touched comms kit once since passing their trade course. That was 18 months ago, its not like they dont go on camps either.

    my personal thoughts are that, with the looming review, some units will find themselves ceasing to exist, others changing rolls and others being re-badged so they can be of some use (my one being one of the last me thinks)
    I may be talking arrse, I normally do, but I think no matter what happens, there will be big changes coming soon.
  3. It's not just the Ptarmigan units, either.

    We need a definite, operationally relevant role. Until that's sorted, we're stuck. I have my own thoughts on the outcome of the TA review, but we'll see.
  4. Your avatar leads me to believe you are in a similar area to me.
    You know we are doomed mate :D
  5. Regular or TA CO?

    I have a theory where this would make a big difference.
  6. Your not wrong, the question is does anyone care ? When Euromux went units ended up as NCRS and now they are just running CNR. Can the MOD afford to replace all the Ptarmigan units including the TA with Falcon ?
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Let's face it, Ptarmigan is no longer an act of war. I think that 33 SR is headed in the right direction (albeit about 5 years too late) with their IT training plans.

  8. Except they are poorly recruited.

    Royal Signals is in a quandary. Bowman is testing the regular ethos and structures, there's no kit to populate the TA units with enough stuff to use, and Ptarmigan is regarded as useless. It's not actually, whilst Falcon is so scarce - for a deployable field HQ, it would support encrypted voice incredibly well - but hey, that's progress.

    Falcon is untested newly procured kit - we all know what that means - look at Bowman (a bit like JPA).

    The TA can't keep running around trying to find it's own mission. The regular element of the Royal Signals needs to make a decision about what it wants the TA for and how to use it.

    Sadly, the centre of Royal Signals is so ****, I doubt whether they even realise there are TA Signal Regiments out there!

    PS Whichever way you look at it, CCRF is dead.
  9. Until they actually deploy an RSigs regiment as a whole with all their kit I'd say that the powers that be don't really have a use for TA ptarmigan
  10. Hmm, start cross trg, my regt is ensuring all can work, Bowman, Satellite systems, Airwave and AGVs as well as many other systems we can lay our hands onto. The future of modern ICS is moving faster and faster, changes will have to come or we will be left behind.
    I think the one equipment Signal Regiment is on its way out. Royal Signals wil move into multi system regiments to give as much flexibility as possible. It will also allow more integration with regular regiments. I would like to think we will see more working along side reg units on exercises, well at least on camp and better IT trg.
  11. Interesting comment MrTracey, why do you think whether the CO is Regular or TA would make a difference. By the way our CO is regular.

    Whitehorse i want to join your unit, mine wouldn't know what Bowman was if it smacked us in the face, and as for airwaves seen it and used it once.

    msr five years to late again an interesting comment, going down the IT route is alright in the short term, but judging by what i saw last year in Germany of the Signals idea of IT my 14 daughter has a more comprehensive knowledge.

    I think the comments made abut the future of Royal Signals units and their future role in the TA are spot on. I know the defence review of the TA is in progress or may now have finished and that some units days are numbered lets see how long it takes.

    Me thinks my time in the TA is drawing to a close or rebadging may be in order.
  12. As I understand it, the three Regiments you refer to did a comms exercise as their annual camp last year and it is up to your Commanding Officers what direction your Camp takes this year.

    As for the wider implications and equipment, HQ SOinC(A) is currently looking at options for placing FALCON into 12 Sig Gp units, in line with other restructuring options that are likely to happen across the Regular Corps, the 12 Sig Gp Regts are being looked at to be re-structured along similar lines that regular units will be restructured.

    As for Ptarmigan, it is still required until FALCON roles out. Whilst it is being thinned out, it is still required, like it or not your unit is holding the only tactical trunk communications system UK currently posseses.

    If you and any of your friends would like to do a comms exercise, I believe there is one coming up very soon. Speak to your PSI and get on it.
  13. Thank you Bow_man for your comments. I appreciate Ptarmigan still has some use, however, one or two comms exercises a year is hardly adequate training in order to maintain a reasonable level of expertise, even if Ptarmigan is still important.

    Your comments about HQ SOinC(A) plans for 12 Sig Gp units is good to know but the lack of information about the way forward for the TA Signals is frustrating. Maybe i missed the brief about my units future role (i doubt it though as i am one of the few who still turn up on tuesdays and most if not all weekends).
    Maybe HQ SOinC(A) could arrange for some of his plans/ideas to filter down to the units.
  14. If you're in a similar area to him, you're in a similar area to me - any chance of a lift to London for the 10k?

    But I basically agree with Suits - we are DOOMED, but DOOMED to stay exactly as we are and complain about it for ever more (at least until the review is done with-when we can start complaining about our new role)!
  15. Shoite, I was going to ask you for a lift :(
    Thats fooked up that one then