What to do with the oil?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Millions (billions?) of barrels of oil have now spilled out into the seas around America and in smaller spills around the world. My question - once you have scooped/scraped/sucked the oil off the surface of the sea and beaches is there any way that you can refine it and make at least something out of it, or is it all wasted?
  2. It's all to do with the price of oil per barrel, oil can be recovered from anything it just cost money to do so, if the oil can be recovered and still be sold for a profit then so be it. Else it wil just end up in landfill (if scooped up/recovered) or just be left to biodegrade.
    What's interesting that the heat/sunlight in that area is doing a lot to break the oil down quite rapidly, the oil isn't as catastrophic as it's made out.
  3. Yes, any spilt or recovered oil can be processed.
    Its also worth remembering that oil is a natural resource, it isn't man made like some would have you believe. In some parts of the world it gushes up without any help from humans. In Azerbaijan for example, they used to scoop it up from natural oil lakes.. and it is biodegradable.