What to do with the feckers... (God how I hate them)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by James51234, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Probably been talked about to death, but I felt I just had to get it off my chest. I am also prepared for any incoming that is boundn to result :wink:

    Alright, Me and a couple of mates were walking back home after an evening out in the local town (an absolute shithole of a place called Didcot, no disrespect to anyone who live there...). We went down a shortcut route when a group of about 8 chavs in their late teens walked past us, demanding all our money. My mate told them in a very polite way to fuck right off , and as you imagine he was laid into with an imediate smack around the head from behind due to the fact we had kept walking. I steped in, telling them to get off my mate and that we wanted no trouble. You guessed it, this resulted in me becoming the centre of attention of the 8 wankers, and I got quite a belting right across the face and a smack in the stomach from the smallest cnut there (which was fcuking embarrasing I can tell you :lol: ).

    A few dozen insults from them later, they buggered off leaving us feeling sorry for ourselves. The only reason we didn't do anything was that we were outnumbered 3 to 8, and more importantly they wouldn't have hesitated twice in sticking a blade in us (which as you can imagine they were probably all carrying)

    Anyway, the main point of this thread is basically, what can we do about these bastards? They seem to be just putting fear into the general public, because they simply can. This incident, although insignificant compared to what goes on in other places, just made me more pissed off than ever, due to the fact that I could do nothing to defend myself unless I came out of it with a knife in my chest. No ones stopping them (especially the boys in blue, bunch of wankers imo), and with the issue of knife crime coming about, it just makes the problem worse and allows them to gain greater heights in ruining this country.

    As I said earlier, I await incoming...
  2. Three of you? all squaddies? only eight of them? blades or not, a swift beating to pulp would be the only retaliation required surely?
  3. Eyes, Throat and Balls that's all you need to be starting with.

    Only ever saw a kick in the balls NOT work once, but the loon was on some kind of drugs.

    They thrive on the pack instinct and play on that - take a couple of them out fast and even things up.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Fight fire with fire mate. They no doubt bimble around that place alot. Go looking for them, with a load of your mates. Rock up with as many as you can and then inform them of your displeasure with them. Even better try and set a trap. wait in that same ally way with your muckers around the corner and wait till they come and say hello and then get your muckers to come out to say Pimms O'Clock! When you've finished thrashing the buggers and if they are carrying remove the knifes from them and get rid.

    Happy hunting :twisted:
  5. No mate, my friends aren't in the forces, just civvies. But still, you just can't take the risk anymore because you just don't know what can happen these days. All I can say is I'm glad I slept in my own bed rather than lying in A and E with a knife wedged in my gut ;) I know what you mean though. Any less than 5 and we probably would have had a crack at them...
  6. If you kill someone in self defense you are innocent. If you are trained to take the enemy out then next time do it.
  7. Why not pay extra for their education, housing and welfare and fork out for a safari holiday for the feckers. It's the right thing to do.
  8. hit hard, hit first, and get the fuck out of there
    theres no shame in doing one. 8 on 3 is shit odds, but i couldnt live with myself if i didnt have at least 1 pop at them.
    I got filled in a few weeks ago 8 stitches in my face from some little shit bag and his mates but not after id given 1 of them right hand and a bite out the back of his head. like a mong i went back for more and (not knowing when i was beaten) and as couple of civvies had to drag me away before it got worse.
    but like i said, belt one and then hop it...... you should all be fit enough to out run them.
  9. Spot on!

    Honestly i think people read the mail too much. Not every chav carries, in fact the vast majority dont. Unless you're living in southwark or brixton, then your usually gonna be ok. As for 8 of them.. well if all three of you laid into one each, damn hard, then there's only 5 left, and if you've really hurt the 3, then the others are usually thinking twice about it.

    You've gone wrong in saying you dont want trouble. Next time get close to little fcuk, touch foreheads with him, smile and then say "i do want trouble and i'm gonna seriously fcuk you up" and then unleash. Beat him till your too tired to carry on and then do a runner!

    Then come on here and brag about it, and we'll give you a virtual pat on the back!
  10. .. or the gobbiest, and just spark him, then stamp on his head. . .
  11. Seconded. If you are forced into that kind of situation, respond with maximum violance and aggression; fcuk "reasonable force". You can always lie under oath, threaten witnessess/victims and their famlies etc later.

    The pack instinct works BOTH ways - if they see the Alpha male go down puking blood from a punch to the throat or screaming and trying to stick his eyeballs back in his face, most of the pack will sh1t themselves and back off. :evil:

    That has been my experiance, anyway. Of course, it does help that I look like the Joker's big brother... 8O

    "WHY SO SERIOUS?!" :twisted:
  12. Got taught that week 6 in depot before long weekend.
    been in the army 6 weeks, everyone thinks there hard as f*ck, goes home gobbing off, gets filled in.
    best lesson i ever learned.

    even if its just 1 punch mate... or a slap. if you can escalate before they do, youve got the initiative. and if its the big 1 or the gobbiest even better. the rest think twice.
    and its not running away... its a tactical withdrawel or breaking contact!!!!
  13. whilst out running i had to go past a group of chavs about 6 of them, as i got along side they started running along with me i drew my right arm back and turned to face them with a dont fcuk with me look on my face and was about to smack the biggest one when they backed off,
    moral of the story, dont show fear only strength and be prepared to make the first move....then run like fcuk
  14. Pick the ringleader
    Hoof to bollox,elbow to throat,put the shiit into hospital. When you respond very hard they are often so shocked that anyone would stand up to them that you can then run as fast as poss in the direction of away
  15. I think we're on the same wavelength Wolfie. I was "accosted" two years ago in South Queensferry on my way home from London HQ.

    Three against little old me, weighed under with army issue bodybag with handles. Two of them were armed; one with a blade and one with a golf club.

    Knocked blade boy out, then "handed" my kit bag to lazy cnut (he was very helpful) and then tiger woods ended up wearing the golf club. Lazy boy legged it after climbing out from under kit bag.

    They'd smashed up a scotmid and a video shop just before I bimbled along. The cops cuffed me until the video shop owner waved them in to watch his cctv.

    You have to be prepared to be worse than them. Fear = Respect for these cnuts.

    Two ambulances gave them a lift to A&E. Result!! :D

    What do you mean you look like the Jokers Big Brother; "cough", white face paint, badly applied lippy, reads "comics"....