What to do with seniors?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by police5009, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. So what do we do with them?
    Enabling, war dodging money grabbing *****!

    P.S listerning to billy ocean red lights song - what a track!
  2. If its senior seniors you are on about go fcuk yourself some of us were in when they were needing them not feeding them and before sleeping bags were issued you either took the blankets off your bed or bought your own bedding.Groundsheets or ponchos leaked so did boots and you went out with what was issued not what you chose.There may be more bangarang going on right now but if you are serving now you also have a better environment.
    Seniors indeed. Whippersnapper....show some fcking respect
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  3. .....

    ....... and slept in rooled oop newspaper in't middle o'motorway.
  4. There weren't anyway motorways back then except the Preston by pass built by public demand on the pay we were getting you couldn't buy a newspaper.
  5. There was no sot bog roll either!
  6. Would that be the snco's who made it to sgt years ago before the cpl's course wasn't an attendence course ? And of course now they can't go any further because the SCLM course is a bit tricksy ?
  7. Must be your chippy outfit, All the Snr NCO's in our get a shift in......
  8. Simple... prevent those getting time served promotions.

    e.g. get LCpl in 3 years or your out, Cpl in 6 years, Sgt in 9..... and you need to have reached WO2 by your 18th year to stay in but your out by 22 unless you go LE (no exceptions for those going on tours)

  9. Indulge an old man for a few minutes, will you? A "senior" acquaintance of mine used to be a fixture at the end of the bar. More than rotund, with an enviable capacity to sink ale, he could have been thought to be the sort of person who has provoked your tantrum. There was nothing on his dress uniform to suggest he had done anything other than a tour in NI. However, an idle question from me to another mess member revealed that the stout one was stout, to a degree, as a result of having been shot twice during his service and the pain legacy he had to endure. The first shooting earned him a Purple heart. Unusual in that he is a Brit. Even more unusual in that he was awarded the star whilst in Vietnam but slightly more understandable in that, as an exchange post guy, he had petitioned to deploy with his unit to Vietnam - where, in the course of a tour, that unit suffered 50% casualties. The second shooting was a consequence of a slight fracas in NI. "Downgraded", the subject of this little tale then spent a period of time doing, amongst other things, nuclear convoy protection duties, enjoyed a couple of years on "detached duty", before becoming what you regard as a war dodger. The point of this ramble? Some peope are war dodgers, simple as. A lot more are the way they as a consequence of service. You might well be having a dig at sombody in your unit (far braver to have it out with them if its such a cancer within you that you must post on Arrse) but not all the "senior" as as useless as you seem to imply.
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  10. Hmm.

    That would decimate the TA Ranks quite swiftly.

    Why do people have this incessant beleif that if you aren't a WO1 by your 15th year you're obviously a waster?

    Some people do not have the capacity to lead above JNCO level, but are fully capable of filling that slot and filling it BETTER than someone on the way through to receiving their Warrant.

    If you have a useless fcuker who is no good at the rank they are... grow a fcuking set and deal with them.. There are procedures in place NOW to do so.

    You don't need to invent sh1t systems that would decimate the TA/morale within.
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  11. ..... and those who are excellent JNCOs and happy to serve in that rank and role?
  12. ******* right the public demanded to bypass Preston.
  13. Back on thread, what about the " Enabling, war dodging money grabbing *****! " Any views on that one?
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  14. They should be bypassed.
  15. Are you able to list the work done by your Seniors?