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What to do with redundant Princesses?

Train them both to a reasonable level of WT and Cp skills, maybe a couple of days worth, strip Blair of his CPP cover, and Salman Rushdie, the two girls get to earn a living, more money is saved on two more people's bodyguard costs.

Obviously a lot of the time will be spent in on the job training, if they perform below average then I am sure Brown will be more than happy to forego his police guard and eventually the girls will be well trained and competent, there are many politicians, who
could help out with the scheme.
Prostitutes. With those posh accents and bloodlines, the revenue from visiting Middle Eastern and Asian businessmen will soon have our economy back on it's feet. And them on their backs.
Tradition suggests that they should be either fed to dragons, or locked in towers offered as a prize for the winner oif some kind of extreme challenge. Maybe its the new TV show for Saturday evening viewing.

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