What to do with my son.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Devil_Dog, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. Just found out the little sproke called Devil_Pup has been screwing my bride. All in the comfort of the same bed I have been sharing with my mistress.

    What to do?

    Should I ask if I can join in the so called "action" or should I put a bullet through his thick head?
  2. You should top yourself mate! You're missus obviously likes his length so there's only one thing for it. Do the honourable thing and remove your DNA from the gene pool.

    T C

    Edit for Beer spelling!
  3. Find the boys girlriend, get her drunk if it will help, fcuk her until she is so full of jism her eyes pop, go home and tell the boy she's a crap shag and what did he see in her.

  4. Now let me get this straight, your son is having sex with your bride (i.e his mother) and you want to join in the 'action'. Now that sounds sexy to me.
    Why not ask your mistress if she fancies a bit of action with mummy,daddy and sonny and get some real action going. Remember we are all family here, so if you want a son-in-law/uncle/grand-dad, then i'm free this afternoon around 3 o'clock.

    Oh, don't worry about bullets, i'll bring a hammer with me so i can get some action after dealing with the family business :wink:
  5. I'll bring my nan as well, she's likes a good gang bang too!!!!!
  6. Was she wearing the wedding dress? Can you make a video and put it on Youtube?... I love watching women cheating it in their wedding dress. :pc:
  8. If she's got falsies I'll join in too.
  9. Agreed.

    Every weekend Devil Dog has a different story.

    Last week he was attacked by 3 bokes and beat them all.
  10. D.D, I smell BULLSHIT
  11. It was more like ten. Either way, it was so dark I did not have time to count.

    I did manage to disarm and eventually dispatch them all.

    Never give in, never give in, never ever ever give in!!