What to do with my Daughter,,,

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smallbore, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. My daughter has just turned 15.
    I have just discovered that she has had a contraceptive implant put into her left arm.
    From doing some basic maintenance on her computer I read her MSN message logs and know that she has started to shag her boyfriend.

    Now what to do.

    I am thinking of having a little chat with her boyfriend (same age as her) when he next comes round and giving him my views. It would probably be counter productive to take him out to sea, wrap him in spare anchor chain and drop him into the English Channel. Much as I would like to do so.
    I was thinking along the lines of "slow down or I will see you put on the sex offenders register".

    What would you do ? And how would you express yourself ?

    Obviously I have considered the MDN approach of putting on an S10 and getting some myself. This is the NAAFI bar after all.
  2. So she's taking a responsible attitude to contraception and you're getting worked up about it? It might be a different matter if her boyfriend was significantly older than her, but he's the same age: she's hardly being taken advantage of. Unlike many of her peers she's being sensible about sex.

    You, on the other hand, read her msn logs and think that talking to the boyfriend rather than her is sensible... because it must always be the bloke driving the sexual side of a relationship.

    Oh, hang on, this is the Naafi: kill him in the most violent way possible and rape her. That'll serve the little slut right. RIP.
  3. without having kids myself i can't see how concerned you are however i got 'raped without a struggle' when i was young by the year hottie..

    my old man sat us down and showed me pics of STI's and such and then proceeded for 2-3 mins to tell me bout all the things he lost by starting a family at 17.

    Needless to say i was very aware after that and kinda kept the thought in my mind.

    At least she can't get preggers! But i wouldn't if i was you say you know or she won't trust you ever again and hide all her stuff from you!!

    At least you know the lad and at least she wasn't 13!!

    However if his 18+ i'd smash the prick for taking her innocence the pervert!!
  4. lest she's on the pill

    could be a 15 year old daughter up the duff

    and what were you up to at 15?
  5. also do you wanna come maintain my computer because i'd like all my bank accounts and such emptied??
  6. Dont get involved mate. Shes being very adult about it and has contraception. If you intervene now she will always hold it against you and not feel she can talk to you.

    My sister was the same, you just have to live with it.
  7. Hold her anus open for him and cup his balls as he slams home.

    Kiss your daughter tenderly, then drag her into the kitchen by her labia, make her squat over the kitchen tiles and give her a power slam to the gut..... then report back with how many kitchen tiles the semen from her bottom covers.
  8. She sounds like a right little slag.... any chance of two's up on her apple fritter?

    Anything juicy in her MSN logs?

    Does she swallow?

  9. 15?? Good on her for waiting for so long!!

    Do you not think that at least she has shown some responsibility to safeguard herself against pregnancy, STDs etc are another story but if shes only sleeping with her boyfriend, and he just with her, then thats probably the least of your worries at her age. Personally I'd congratulate her for having the forsight to deal with it, you may not like it but its going to happen anyway.

    Oh, I forgot this is the NAAFI, sorry! Nah, chop his balls off and stick him in the channel as planned, and ground her for life
  10. She got an implant? Little chance of her getting pregnant then.

    Sneak into her room at night and teach her that sex is bad. Very, very bad.
  11. Artemis, you sir, are a cnut. What a completely and utterly stupid answer. The poster is obviously concerned about his daughter and you slate him for checking her blogs? Get a grip. You are one of the Arrse posters who slate a man for asking a bloody sensible question.

    Smallbore, along with a number of others posters, it sounds as if she is being sensible with contraception (though I would be annoyed the NHS allowed her to have this done at 15). I'm not a father and don't intend to sound like a know it all, but your intentions sound just and fair with the boyfriend.

    And when do we get to see pics? ;)
  12. hey up mate think about it, this is the NAAFI but i am 17 got out of school a year ago and in all honestly 99% of 14-19 year old lasses i know are shagging its not seen as being a slag by their mates and aslong as she is using protection its best to just warn the lad to slow it down and not to take the piss and let your lass know that you know whats going on and be man enough to accept it happening and tell her you trust her and that she should be careful.

    But if all else fails and the boyfriend falls down the stairs when you have him over for a nice dinner PM me and i will tell you what needs to happen.

  13. bet you don't nail her to the floor til her exams??
  14. He's doing her now and probably finishing off in her face
  15. I have four daughters and know what you are going through.
    No matter what you do or say they know better and will do as they please behind your back and think themselves clever for it.
    Try sending some sexy text messages to the boyfriends mobile via an unknown mobile number. If your daughter is that savvy she will soon find them. See if you can get hold of the video that they used to show during basic training with all those festering todger scabs on. That worked for me I think I was 19 before I was able to put them images behind me.
    Sorry, yes Naafi stitch up her clacker and sell her boyfriend to the crabs.