What to do with Car whiles on Tour?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Shellshocked, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. I'm due to go soon and I want to keep my car. I don't have access to a garage or anything so I'll need to leave it outside. But no doubt I should prep the car to be left standing still for 6 months odd. It'll just be in a barracks car park, so exposed to the elements. Won't be during winter though.

    Its a Ford Focus 03 TDDI Diesel.

    Cheers guys
  2. Buy a cover for it, Sorn it and disconnect the battery and if possible put blocks/bricks under the wheels to lift them off the ground so you don't get flat spots in them failing that over inflate a bit to allow for the air leakage. And don't have much fuel in it either.
  3. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    Having done many deployments at sea and leave the motor in a dockyard so few thoughts.

    1. Get some large wooden wedges, leave the handbrake off and wedge the tyres. Some advise lifting using jacks but never had a problem.

    2. Lost mine now but used to have a solar trickle charger for the battery

    3. If you can get a mate to turn it over every now and again do it. However watch out the ****** doesn't deliberately park it under a lamp known to have pigeon shitters ready to trash your body work.

    4. Make sure it is insured. If parking on base it needs to be and if someone damages it you'll want it insured.

    5. Get a decent car cover and secure it well.

    6. If you can get a mate to put it through for a service before you return highly recommended.
  4. As stated before SORN it you might be able to claim the rest of the road tax back (depending on how long left), also you could go down to fire/ theft policy, TFI do this and then when you get back go back to fully comp.

  5. Are you intending to come back for R&R? Planning to use your car?

    If yes, inflate the tyres to the correct pressure, park it somewhere sensible where it won't get clouted, put the handbrake on, slip it into 2nd gear if there's any slope, wind the windows up and lock the doors. Leave a set of keys with a responsible adult in the barracks. It's worth investing in a jump-start battery - fully charge it before you leave and top it up as soon as you get back.

    Just a question, though. If you're going soon, will be away for six months and won't be away over winter, are you in Australia?
  6. Take it down to the local dogging spot.
  7. You need to be posted to a unit that has a hanger.
  8. Don't worry about it. Chances are you will be either killed or horrifically maimed anyway, in which case you won't need a car.
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  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Why would you put the handbrake on if you have poped it into gear. Leave the handbrake off. If you can, get it up on blocks if your not planning a quick getaway. If not get a mate to give it once round the block, thats if he/she is insured to do it.
  10. Don't leave the handbrake on as suggested above it'll seize on. Leave it in gear and/or chocked or off the floor as mentioned before.
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  11. Don't leave a bag of shopping in the boot especially if you have meat or veg as a lad I knew did. came back to a whole new ecosystem. Be careful who you ask to start her up every now and then you might return to a car with another 6000 miles on the clock. That happened last year.

    If it's modern. As above but it will start 1st time.
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    1. The Royal Navy

    Oh and a wise man will join the AA or RAC before arriving back. An experienced deployer will have reversed it in to the spot to allow easy access to the engine
  13. Unless it's a Lada Niva, in which case, engage diff lock and drive it 7 metres on a hard surface. The ****** aint going nowhere biatch!
  14. Do,n't know if it applies to your car?
    but on a lot of modern cars if they are parked for a long time there is a drawdown on your battery which has a adverse effect on your ECU which means you wont be able to start it without a dealer diagnostic machine. so a trickle isn't a bad idea.
    I have a merc and after a fortnight the dash lights up like a friggin xmas tree.
  15. Alarms and immobilisers draw off the battery. If your car has a problem after two weeks there's something amiss.