What to do with an old carrier..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. Given the price of scrap metal,could it not have been chopped up and "recycled" somehow?
  2. Here is the USS ORISKANY. There was an hour long special about the ship being sanitized and readied for sinking as an artificial reef.

    YouTube - Diving Pensacola, FL and the USS Oriskany

    There were two breakers yards not far from where I live. Both have been out of business for over twenty years and the yards still have not been cleared of all the contaminants. Sure did pick up some good "shit" from their retail sales activities, though.
  3. Surely some farsighted thinkers in government could have advertised that as a floating skateboard park/ bmx bike circuit/basketball court/ rave venue beforehand and sold tickets for the cruise?
  4. Nowdays, it becomes an regulatory nightmare for the Breakers. Besides theres always some more of them around.
  5. In view of all the government cutbacks, especially pensioms, I do hope there is no truth in the rumour that it was fully-crewed at the time.......
  6. How about use as a prison hulk to alleviate the oft ranted "overcrowding" crybabies?

    Think back to the ex-US Navy rustbuckets towed across the pond to Scotland for scrapping. Last I heard, red tape has prevented the operation starting and the ships are so unstable as to prevent them being returned to The Colonies . . . and sinking in mid-ocean is not an option, either.

    In the case of USS ORISKANY, the sanitization process took many months if not a year or more.
  7. I've just watched that video and find it quite sad that an old war horse like the Guam should suffer such an ignominious ending. I noticed she took a lot of punishment before she finally capsized and sank though.

    I just can't help feeling there are plenty of more appropriate methods of weapons testing. For example we could pick random 3rd World Nations and drop / fire /brass up explosive shit on them. After all, no one but a few Guardian journos would notice, or give a fuck, and it would be so much more satisfying than throwing overseas aid at the cunts.
  8. Somalia comes to mind by way of piracy abatement.
  9. footnote: USS Guam was one of the ships involved in the Grenada takeback
  10. To be honest, seemed like a waste of armaments to get rid of a ship. In the hands of any RN Commodore, rating's dick in hand, chart out of view and a big pile of rocks, i.e landmass, any ship, boat, whatevr has had it.
  11. Result of any naval inquiry, BoI : The charts were glossed over.

    In this case, an old dame went down.................not entirely unusual in Pompey
  12. Tow her up the Thames and moor up in a nice spot, bit of paint, turf some of the flight deck and turn in to little appartments on inside. Allocate a spot to each MP/Lord. No more second home nightmare for expenses.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Personally, if it was my boat, I'd have flogged it to the Royal Navy as a replacement carrier . . .
  14. Just a question: What's going to happen to the British carriers when the new ones are comissioned?

    I believe the two still in service and HMS Ocean are at the end of their usefull life.

    As for an old one. Why not sell it to Sandline; Executive Outcomes or whatever the current name of Blackwater is? Maybe they can use it to do whatever they do?