What to do with all the Crocks...

This made me larf, dubious BBC reporting around the increase of Crocks in Tropical Northern Australia:

The official advice for startled homeowners finding such a supremely aggressive animal by the sofa is to stay clear and not to attempt to wrestle it themselves.
I am not aware of any official advice on not wrestling crocodiles - I think its filed under "common sense no need for an official advice".

Of course, this being in Darwin, who lends its name to a famous award, perhaps there is a requirement or maybe even a law to prevent all those Aussies who, when encountering a 2m predator sat by the fire, thinking they are Macho Man Randy Savage and performing a Suplex on the worthy opponent.

Further in the article the authour asks a scientist a really tricky question:

Looking out over a lagoon where hundreds of reptiles are kept, I ask the chief scientist Charlie Manolis what to him must sound like a very naïve and daft question. If someone jumped or fell into the water and tried to swim to the other side, what would happen?

Ummm..perhaps you should try it Phil Mercer..

And the link: BBC News - The crocodiles wandering in back yards


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I seem to remember the enviromentalists told them to stop killing the crocs so they did, now they have a problem of them spreading in aus and up the islands as they go off in search of territory.


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Crocs? Those shoes should all be gathered up and burnt.
dead healthy that would be. I hoped they would go bust after their financial crisis a few years back

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We've been more than patient with them. They've had since 1971 to start earning their keep, but have they killed a single greenie in all that time? Have they fuck. Members of Parliament? Not a one. Handbag the lot of them, the bludging saurian wasters.
Phew! For a minute there I thought you might be advocating a cull of the old and bold.

Crocs? Shoes and handbags, big game hunting tourism is the way forward.


croc meat is supposed to be lean and tasty, time for a cull. china is desperate for protein - as is findus so I expect a chicken korma has croc in it scare story soon.
I've eaten croc in The Carnivore, Niarobi. It was served to me by a Masai called Steve and it was nice. Like chicken but different.
I've eaten croc in The Carnivore, Niarobi. It was served to me by a Masai called Steve and it was nice. Like chicken but different.
In other words not like chicken?
Any self respecting Darwinite would have the barbie lit and the rusty old panga out of the garage to carve the bugger up before it figured out how to use the remote for the TV.
Went to a Wildlife Park between Cairns and Port Douglas in 85 ish. The guy there was teasing a 16 foot Saltie with a leg of lamb, I had a phot of the thing launching its from the water its back legs just touching down and its front about 3 foot off the ground.

About 18 months later the croc had had enough and ripped the stupid fuckers arm off instead of the leg of lamb he was holding.
Not sure about the rest of the croc, but tail is nice (stop sniggering at the back there). If cooked properly, it holds its shape, so you get this meat that looks like triangular slices of chicken. It is bland but not at all unpleasant, more akin to firm white fish than chicken.

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