What to do, what to do?!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mongoose, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Good morning, I'm in a bit of a quandary here.. This morning we got a letter here addressed to an individual at a totally different barracks (we share the same name), obviously he was no longer present at that location and someonethere had scribbled our address on the front in pen instead. Being a inquisitive (nosy) type I opened it to find a letter from a collection agency with regards to a car accident in 2003. It would appear laddo crashed into someone whilst uninsured and has been ignoring various letters and what not since then, he now owes £66,000!

    Now, I thought to myself I wonder what happens if I type the addressee into JPA...hey presto there he is! Complete with new location..

    Now my issue, should I just return this to the credit agency (since I hate those bastards) with not known at this address and aid this young soldier in his flight from responsibility (and a massive fine) or should I do the probably correct thing and give them his new location?
  2. Bin it
  3. IMHO, you should spill the beans. Soldier or not, it is this sort of tw@t that is causing insurance costs to sky rocket. Yes, we should look after our own, but the guy should be made to pay.

    I'll stand by for incoming...
  4. I would call the agency, saying that you opened the mail, as it had your name on it.....then state that it must be for someone else with the same name.

    I wouldn't help them find his address, that's down to them.
  5. Pass it on, the irresponsible little toe rag deserves all thats coming to him!!
  6. As much as it pains me I have to agree with smudge :x :D
  7. The least you should do is return it to the agency in question. IMHO due to the seriousness of the offence committed, you should also inform them that he may be at location x. If that's a bit too much, point them in the direction of your unit HR staff and rely on them to do the right thing.

    The tw@t deserves what's coming to him.
  8. By share the same name I mean the barracks, not me ;)
  9. So this letter was addressed to Pte XYZ not to Pte Mongoose?

    And you opened it?

  10. Nah it was addressed to "Mr xxxx", here we have a high turnover of people throughout the years, it was possible it was for someone that is no longer with us. And there was no return address or anything on the envelope and it was addressed to an adress in Catterick and also in Scotland at the same time (and scribbled out and replaced with ours).
    Basically it's "SOPs" to open that kind of thing here so we can work out what to do with it
  11. Forward it to the intended recipient.
  12. Isn't that illegal?

    Seems it is.


    Especially if you now use the information you gained to pass his new address on to the collection agency.

    If I was you I would bin it and pretend this thread never existed. :p
  13. I'll remember that next time i send some Anthrax out!

    Ring the insurance company, say it's gone to the wrong address and that's all. Without opening the letter and searching for the bloke you didn't know where he was prior to the letter, and tell them that too.

    He might well be in the wrong, but you have you been paid to investigate on their behalf??

    *winds neck in*
  14. SOP my arrse, you have broken the law. What ever happened to "return to sender". It's none of your business in any way whatsoever.
  15. ^ Which I haven't. Had I not opened it then a) said company would not locate person b) person would not know of this situation since the address on it was as I said totally wrong (Catterick & Scotland at the same time).
    Had I just randomly been passing through, picked it up and opened it then yes it would probably apply but since today I've been spammed with duty post bitch I'm opening all kinds of letters not addressed to me, for example the old Adjutant gets letters (meant for the new Adjt) addressed to him, am I supposed to bin those too? Methinks not...

    So back to the question;

    So, bin it? Or just return in a new envelope to Credit Agency with not known at this address? Or include correct address? Or forward to intended?