What to do, what to do?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by hellmett, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    I would like some advice please!

    I WANT to join the TA and WANT to go on deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.

    (Sounds "mental" you may think but as an ex reg (3 Royal Irish) I feel as if I haven't seen enough action and I am sooo, sooo bored!! plus I feel unfullfilled).

    I am 40 at the moment and a highly qualified IT Pro, (MCITP/MCP/MCTS).

    I am fit and healthy and can't think of any reason why I shouldn't get into the TA.

    My question is:-

    Where should I go?

    Should I use my skills/trade or should I go back as a soldier in 2 Royal Irish?

    What job option would allow me to deploy quicker?

    What roles are there in the TA for IT Peeps?

    I have a meeting tomorrow night with the recruiter for 2 Royal Irish and I was thinking of popping along tonight to the local RA Unit for a chat!

    Any advice is MOST welcome!

  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The DS solution is always the same - visit them both (2 R Irish and your nearest R Sigs unit) and see where you feel most at home.

    There are others from the unit on here to give you more info, but elements 2 R Irish will be way to Afghanistan with 16 Bde again in 2010. In view of your history, that is probably your quickest route to an Op tour. It also avoids the issue of doing your usual day job in the TA as well. That said, some people like doing that!
  3. How long have you been out?
  4. Been out of the Regs since 1996.

    Went to the ACF as an Instructor in 1997 and left in 2001.

    I applied to re enlist in the Royal Irish HSPT in 2005 and got all the way to the selection day in Ballymena.

    Arrived on the day and got sent home because recruiting for the Royal Irish Home Service had been binned, about an hour before all the bods arrived they got a call from HQNI!

    I couldn't believe it!!!

    Anyhow, I rang the TA the following week and was told I was "too old" (was 36 at the time).

    I only recently found out that the age of joining was raised to 43, to which I immediately put the wheels in motion!

    I think I will be ok, I'm obviously not as fit as I was previously but I will try my best!

    If there is anyone from 2 Royal Irish here I would love to get the inside scoop on vacancies etc.

    Is there a shortage of soldiers or is that just a rumour, I heard the TA was desparate for recruits as much as the regs.

  5. I think because of the length of time you have been out that you will have to start your TA training right at the beginning plus you will loose your rank as well. That might restrict your options for a tour plus it could take 18 months to get through your training (well it did for me!). Join a specialist unit then you could go on tour a few days after you fininsh CMSR (one of our lads did).
  6. What do you mean by "Specialist Unit" exactly?

    Surely the best chance of getting deplyed to Afghanistan is to be a rifleman in an infantry unit I would have thought?

    I don't mind at all starting from scratch, will feel a wee bit wierd but not a problem.

    I suppose it's a matter of time really, I work for myself so I can go anywhere at the drop of a hat so I guess I could get fully trained quite quick!

  7. You'll need to do the whole recruit thang again.
  8. I'm in what used to be called a specialist unit (now called nationally recruited TA), i'm a CAD technician in civvy street and thats the job i do for the Army. I need no further training by the Army to do my job, i did CMSR then i could deploy the day after (and they are desperate for CAD people so thats not a lie).
    I suspect that to deploy to the front line then the unit taking you would expect some serious proof that someone fresh out of CMSR would be able to hold their own, from what i hear its about 12 months after fininshing training that you should be looking at deploying (if you do well as a TA soldier), you'd then need to do your three months pre deployment training, then six months away then three months POTL.
  9. Plus nationally recruited TA units often have higher upper age limits and they have a reduced annual commitment.
  10. Specialist unit means geezers with niche skills. "Key enablers", people who speak local languages, police skills, loggie skills (especially wierd ones like postal and shower and bath units), rail, movers, chippies, sparkies, etc etc. Most of which are REALLY badly undermanned and SCREAMING for blokes to fill the gaps on tour.

    The specialist TA are generally corps units and have a reduced commitment of 19 days a year, generally do not have local TA centres but gather occasionally for training at a central national location (eg Grantham in the case of the loggies.)

    To join a specilist unit all you would have to do is the phase 1 and CMSR again. Piece of pi$$. Alternatively...

    If you want to go flash to bang in the teeth arms in minimum time then get yourself on to a "summer challenge" this is a TA infantry course that takes you from civvie to completion of your CIC in 7 weeks. You are then able to deploy immediately, and many do.

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do. Your best bet would be to look at all the different jobs that you could do and take an informed choice. ACIO should be able to help.
  11. OK!

    Went and had a chat at 2 Royal Irish (Javelin Platoon).

    I seriously couldn't believe how things have changed with the application process!

    NO security vetting (unless you seem like a dodgy chap and they want to check you!), this knocked me sideways cos I was used to waiting for 14 months (that's how long my ACF Adult Instructor's clearance took!).

    I'm thinking that this is because:-

    1. They need the soldiers for the Infantry.
    2. To appease the so called "ceasefire" over here, might allow ex nationalists/loyalists to live down past stuff - blah blah.

    I was told that this is the current recruitment process:-

    1. Initial meeting - get paper work etc. (Done last night).
    2. Fill out paperwork and hand back this Thursday (1 week).
    3. Go for Medical (asap).
    4. Selection + the interviews etc. (asap).
    5. Providing everything goes well, get sworn in etc. on selection day!

    I still have to get all my permissions to re-enlist and medical docs from Glasgow but apparently they are a lot quicker than they used to be.

    I have put myself forward for Shamrock Challenge so I am hoping that I am through the system by then, gives me about 3 months or so.

    I am also "more or less" GUARANTEED OP HERRICK next year with 16 Air Assault.

    I am totally and utterly chuffed to bits!

    I am busting to get back into uniform again and thank the powers that be for recognising that us "old farts" still have a lot to offer!

    I really think that if your Unit is "on the ball" and you can be proactive with your own recruitment process then the application need not take long!

    Happy Bunny!
  12. From my experience (and this was two years ago now) the security vetting happens after you are sworn in, two guys on my intake were still wating 12 months after they were attested.
    Hopefully things have changed!
  13. I think I got it right mate, at least I hope so!

    I specifically asked the recruiter and he told me they only vetted people now who they thought were "dodgy" or who had declared previous criminal convictions.

    Although I did see it as a wee bit "strange" when I was told I definately made sure I asked the right question!

    I can see the logic behind it.

    I took this from the 2 Royal Irish Site.

    Will just have to wait and see!

    I know I have no probs with vetting/security clearance it's just the bloody delay and annoyance of it!

  14. dont expect glasgow to hurry mate, id been out the regs less than 3 years and they took 3-4months to sort my paperwork out,
    id binned the idea untill i got a call saying it was all sorted and could i come in the get attested!!!
  15. You need to be very Pro Active mate!

    This I believe is the contact point.

    It would help to give them a little nudge every so often to speed it up!

    The relevant recruiter in the Unit should, in my opinion, be "on the blower" every other day chasing them up, if it were me - I'd be torturing them!