What to do out of trg hours on Camp

Discussion in 'ACF' started by BuggerAll, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I am doing some work on setting up and ACF det in Episkopi and am looking at the training program for annual camps.

    Anybody got any suggestions for entertaining cadets in the evening. If the det gets off the ground it will be going on camp on its own - or possibly co-locating with the ATC.

    The training time I can fill - but its the evenings I'm less sure of. I would expect the Cadets to spend about 4 nights 'in the field' either on Ex or AT so theres another 8 or so evenings to fill...
  2. On Annual Camp we will have a disco/kareoke one or two nights over the fortnight. But that's about it.

    To be brutally honest, if the training/testing is up to scratch, the cadets will be too busy cleaning from the day and prepping for the next day (and tired) so all they're fit for is slumping into a chair in the NAAFI and having a chin wag with their chums.
  3. Organised sports, football etc.

    And prep.
  4. Some sort of skit/ short satire play thing is quite good - they usually end up taking the urine out of the AI's but thats the point!

    Get the SNCO's involved, they'll know what the cadets'll enjoy and can be kept busy running it too. :D
  5. Sports Tournaments?
  6. I remember during annual camp as a cadet, riding motorbikes , go garts , football,cricket & rounders tourments, dossing round the NAAFI, deathslides, fun runs, British Bulldog & raiding other Battalions billets with pillows stuffed right to the bottom of the pillow case.All happening during the evening on camp..... fantastic days.

  7. We try and have something different lined up for the cadets every night: organised sport, barbecue, trips into town, pony trekking, swimming or cinema etc. Best to get out of camp to avoid the back biting, arse licking and drunkenness.
  8. hmm nights on an ACF camp, for me that was usually someone smuggling in a bottle of white lightning and copping a feel of the unit bike
  9. fireworks! make some targets. Everyone take turns shooting with a piece of pipe and some cheap rockets. Good fun all round :)
  10. Swimming at least on one night (usually after exped' or FTX) that way you defo know the little darlings have had a wash
  11. our acf go shagging in the drying rooms
  12. Thrash the little b*stards until they bleed from every oreface and tell them mummy and daddy doesn't love them ha ha ha!!!!!!
  13. blah
  14. throw a big party for them. get them pi**ed an tell them there on ex at 3 in the morning.
    that should f##k them up.
  15. You're an O2 Thief for a reason.

    Kindly Fcuk off.