What to do now the Stock Market has crashed.


It is indeed, but I'm actually contributing to the thread I started.
In your own inevitable way. Perhaps if you both stopped being confrontational things might improve. Note, I said both.

Play nice there's enough shit in your life's without me adding to it.
I'm not a fan of stock picking but there is some comment here that may be of interest to some.



Keep it easy fellas.

I'm no expert, but there is money to be made if you are careful. Deutsche Bank has already been mentioned. Their shares have been bouncing up and down the last few weeks. The golden rule obviously is buy low, sell high. From a purely amateur point of view Lufthansa looks to be a good buy as well. Like Deutsche Bank, it would never be allowed to go bust. Their share price is down, but it will go up again. Wirecard produced good results for me as well. Up 33% before I sold. They've since gone down again.
Short term, or long term, now is a good time to buy.

I am not advocating buying any shares of the companies mentioned. I'm just trying to say that there is money to be made out there if you are careful.
Yes, about Wirecard...



After buying Boeing for a song and flogging it a week later for a 70% return, I bought a bunch of cheap stock in utilities, telecommunications , a couple of banks , Lyft and oil and gas companies between March and now; 20% ROI on that so far, will probably hang on to them until next year at least, when COVID19 and Trump will be hopefully out of picture.


As I said, "before I sold" :)
Count youself lucky

It is the German version of Enron but with added joy of German Bank Regulator having backed up the management, issued legal threats to FT Journo's who were pushing on the issues and banned short selling all in name of "maintaining reputation of German Stock Market"

So bad that the other lending banks will be " encouraged" to do something.

One joy many have not yet clocked is that Wirecard issued a lot of prepaid cards in their own name and as white label offerings. Good question over what happens now.....