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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by howie, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. ok the nightmare has come.
    got a letter today saying im unfit to Re enlist, this is without being seen by a specialist, mcm desk officer said he may be able to do somthing but cant guarentee and is also livid with this very unprofesional approach, to not confuse you all this is the whole story.

    left the army in 2005 F.E with exemplary discharge,
    decided to re enlist in march this year,
    after being excepted by mcm div i was awaiting my medical from adsc
    i received a letter from adsc asking me to CONFIRM that i have been free of any back or groin pain in the last year, because my records show that i had pulled a muscle in my back in 1998, sorted with 2 weeks physio and never reoccuring,
    and a trapped nerve in my groin in 2001, treated a year later by an injection in 2003 with no reocurance,
    i was also asked to provide information of all excercises i do and quantity,
    i wrote back confirming there was no pain and had been none in the last year,
    i also had a local gp examine me and write a letter for me to send with mine saying i was fine with no problems,
    also provided my training programme
    4/6 miles every other evening
    50/100 pressups /situps every night.

    i then got my medical date and went along , the MO who examined me found i was very fit and had no problems,
    he was about to sign me in when the SMO said he wanted me referred to upavon for an orthopedic specialist to see me, this never happened and i was just turned down, i am writing to said SMO tonight asking for a redress of this because i feel i have been very unfairly treated,
    who else could i write to about this because im not happy at all.
  2. here is another thing
    i was told that i was being referred to an orthopedic specialist
    it turns out that it was a urology specialist that it was referred to
    that injury was for a year treated as a groin strain and turned out to be a trapped nerve and freed well before i left the army
    now they didnt bother seeing me that we all know
    what would happen if i booked myself a urology appointment and a ortho appointment and both came back all clear which i know they will
    would that put me in a good position to appeal against them.
  3. This should be a blessing in diguise. The army is sh*t thats why you left. Apply yourself to a decent future in civvie street.
    Civvie street embraces disabled people so you should be OK!! Diverse workforces are supposed to be the most efficient so you can be the cripple in the team. Just ask for a desk on the ground floor! That will help!
  4. what are you talking about im fit as a fiddle and run 4 to 6 miles every other evening my med docs are wrong not me
  5. S'ok, Smithy is the website kn0bhead, don't mind him.
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I'm quite interested howie (not in a 'it was shite why do you want to go back' way :roll: ) what did lead you to decide to re-enlist. It'd be interesting to hear what your struggles have been (if any, sorry for the assumption) since you've been out? It could just be that you feel you need to get back in and do you part as we hear human resources/recruitment is currently a problem. Sorry for being nosey in advance.
  7. Howie, whoever else you write to about this, may I suggest that you work really hard on your punctuation or get a new keyboard (it seems to be missing the comma, full stop and caps lock buttons). I'm not trying to be a smart arrse, I mean it as a genuine constructive point. A full Col. will spend very little time reading a letter that looks like it's been written by a ten year old.

    Like I said, I'm not trying to be funny, you may very well have a perfectly good point to make. You should try to make it as professionally as you can.

    good luck :D
  8. ok sorry about my punctuation, i left the army whilst going through a bad divorce , i couldnt concentrate on my job at the time, and didnt want to let down any of my work mates what with another tour comming up,now im over that by 2 years i want to continue the carreer i enjoyed so much thats all.
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Seems like a good reason to take time out, and just as good a reason to reapply. Can your medical problem be sorted out. Not wanting to diminish the medical problem, but it doesn't appear to be a problem. If you felt at home in the army, and subsquently your 'marital' home has broken down I'd push to get back in. Can you get overwhelming medical evidence from 3rd party doctors to accompany correspondence perhaps? Might at least get you seen by the relevant army medic.
  10. ok
    1998 pulled a muscle in my top right shoulder doing a full regain at cdo log regt RLC , that was sorted after a month of Physio with no on going problems.F.E

    2001 what was thought to be a groin strain and treated by physio for a year was in fact a trapped femoral nerve and a trip to FPH in 2002 and an injection released the nerve , with no ongoing problems and straight back to fitness still F.E

    2004 pulled a muscle lifting a suitcase out of a car, given Ibruprofen and it was gone in a week.

    left the Army 2004 F.E

    in the last 2 years i have had no problems what so ever still very fit as stated above.

    M.O who did my medical 5 weeks ago said i was fit as a fiddle, after making me do some excercises, but it was the S.M.O who wanted me checked out by an orthopedic specialist at upavon, i was told an appointment was being made.

    didnt get an appointment just a letter saying im unfit to re-enlist.
  11. Hmm, interesting. As far as I'm aware, there isn't an ortho/urology specialist at Upavon, only an Occupational Medicine Consultant. What does that mean for you? You haven't been assessed by the person the SMO wanted you to be assessed by. Next step? Not entirely sure but at the very least, you should talk to your ACIO. As a matter of interest, who are you trying to rejoin?
  12. im an RLC Supply Specialist.and was told i would be going to Dulmen in Germany,my family and i were half packed and ready to go,i was also very much looking forward to getting my carreer back on track,
    A.C.I.O say they cant help and if i want to appeal im to write a letter,
    thats what i have done,but also got told any dicision made by upavon very rearly gets overturned , but i think i have a solid argument.
  13. Ok lets look at this.you were refered to see a Specialist but got turned down,without seeing anyone.
    You were FE on leaving the Army,and they are saying your not FE on trying to Re/enlist, and you have proved your 100% fit,how can someone sat at a desk not look at you, after you had a medical with no problems,
    and declare you unfit to serve.
    a Solicitor would have a field day with this.
  14. im not wanting to see a solicitor ,im wanting to get back to the carreer i left because of a bitch.
  15. Maybe so but a legal letter from a solicitor outlining your issues etc would have them sh*t*ing bricks fella and I bet would speed the way no end.

    Not exactly overun with people trying to join up are they so I would think they would jump at the chance to have an experienced soldier back on board, but then again logic is not something the Army is reknowned to take into account mind.

    Not sure I should wish you good luck as you wouldn't get me back in green kit for anything but if its what you want fella I hope all goes well.