What to do in work when hungover ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by machiavelli, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. Right its a sunday, I'm working (well in the office) and am feeling pretty awful courtesy of a RAF led night on the tiles in the mess.
    I need to stay in work and pretend to be busy and apart from ARRSE has anyone got any ideas on how to look busy and professional when feeling fukcing awful..........
  2. Before we get started, let's just clear one little matter up. Were you drinking with Crabs, drinking in the company of Crabs or drinking because you were in the company of Crabs?

    Your response will dictate the level of sympathy received.
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  3. Go to the bog and have a good wank. Be sure to leave jism on the front of your tweeds.
  4. !) Get all your paperwork from your in tray and post it to yourself. It should disappear in the internal post system for about a week (or longer). Your colleges will be impressed that you've cleaned your desk.

    2) Get a clipboard and go for on a walkabout. Drop in on your mates and have a get them to brew up.

    One & two are tried and tested by me. No 1 is particuley affective before an ARU (annual Report of Unit)

    Enjoy your day off. I did know a fat Sgt who used to bring his slippers and a paper to work but that's taking the piss.
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  5. P.S. Drinking with Crabs. That's an oxymoron they can't hold their drink !
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  6. Hmmm.....stare at the monitor and chat on AARSE? Maybe even watch a few online video. Providing you are sitting in a "strategic" position. FYI, I never did any of that. Allegedly.
  7. Some excellent ideas from Hermes, I certainly plan to be fairly hungover at work in the near future and will bear these in mind.

    For what it's worth, "training" or work related DVDs are always handy if you've got some at the back of a drawer somewhere. Just whack one on and get a bit of shut-eye. I've watched several whilst in a less-than-bright-eyed state, and so far I've learned fack all from them but they help to while away the time whilst appearing vaguely worthy.

    Or offer to do a bun run and make it last as long as possible, (picking up plenty of aspirins and lucozade on the way).

    Hope you feel better soon :)
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  8. I think I've heard of "Hangovers"
    Isn't it something one gets if one stops drinking?
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  9. I know it's an old fashioned concept. But what about cracking on and doing what you're paid for?

    NAAFI. Soapy tit wank. etc.
  10. In complete agreement with Hermes second suggestion (Amazingly his first idea has never occurred to me but will be utilised in the near future). Obviously depends on the size of your unit but walking around with a file, clipboard or notepad can mean you get to spend at least an hour in some little cubbyhole catching up on sleep whilst "taking stock"...
  11. I've found the best solution was to fall asleep.

    A few years ago I was running a site on the new (extremely expensive & fucking useless) DWP IT project, as it's a security cleared role most of my lads were ex-army/navy/crabs & the hotels were booked by an agency we all ended up in this shitty wee hotel in Grimsby. Now rather than wander into town en-masse (and possibly meet the locals) we spent every night getting trollied in the hotel, finishing no earlier than 0300hrs every morning.

    Now come Friday morning having personally gone through a few hundred quid in booze that week, I was somewhat worse for wear & certainly not in the mood to manipulate large complex databases and spreadsheets. I simply 'went to an important meeting' at one of the sites nearby. What I really did though was, got into my car drove to a chemists, loaded up on paracetamol, aspirin & brufen & two bottles of soon to be flat Coca Cola. I then drove to a nearby carpark on the seafront, put 3 quid in the meter, set my alarm for lunchtime, reclined the chair in my trusty Passat, rolled the window down a crack and went to sleep for four hours. I got up at 1300hrs feeling fresh as a frigging daisy. By the time I got back to work my trusty (but still worse for wear) team had nearly finished the rollout, I squared the database away in half an hour and knocked everyone off three hours early, I got home at 1500hrs, boffed the good lady & got down to the pub for 1800hrs!

    The perfect crime, or so I thought until I looked at the work we'd done on Sunday night and realised we were going to have to do a revisit......... It still worked out ok though; triple time on a bank holiday for me and my merry band!
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  12. Bit snobby. Why not just bang one IN the office?
  13. ...danger wank?
  14. Draw a chalk outline of your body on the office floor, mine tape your office off and then just knock off.
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  15. Dullard ! - you cant beat the system but you can make it work for you !