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What to do in "the shot"

Have been coming to Farnborough with work and staying in the local hotel (The old officers club, now Potters) for a while now and needless to say, getting very bored with the whole affair.

Need some suggestions for decent places to eat and places to go in the evening, anythings got to be better than doing the usual business travel thing of sitting in the hotel resteraunt, reading a book!

All suggestions welcome


PS: Just noticed the wellington monument for the first time yesterday, thats quite impressive!
the Traf is still going, and is covered in all sorts of "Airborne pink" memorabilia. What used to be the George (opposite AM's all-you-can-eat gaff) is now a wetherspoons type joint popular with the daughters of all the luvverly birds from twenty years ago, who are just as alluring as their mothers. So bring your own paper bag. The dodgy sex shop by the station is still there, and Tiffany's(the old Rose & Crown) now tries to pass itself off as a lapdance joint, but is basically still just a pub with ropey gristle grippers. You can also do bed and breakfast there!

If you want nice restaurants, try Farnham or Guildford. There is a nice italian gaff in Guildford with the most gorgeous waitresses I've ever seen. See if you can find it!
goon_bde said:
i beleive the wellington memorial is a dogging hot-spot after dark...that will keep you entertained for hours and it won't cost you a penny
Indeed it is, and just a five minute walk from Potters.
Potters!!! Argh!! Cheek's on the other hand... haha! Kingston isn't that far either if your getting the train. You can go from Ash/ North camp etc to Surbiton and get a bus.

greenronnie said:
Get yourself down Long Valley for a run if you're bored!
Run, lol - your funny!

Actually one good feature of the potters is they have a halfway decent Gym and (short) swimming pool! Meaning you gan get a decent session in before dinner! HAving a hotel further away from work means your losing a load of time when you can be doing something constructive!

Thanks for the suggestions, I didn't know the wellington was such an "inspiring" place!
greenronnie said:
Or you could get yourself around the old steeplechase course!!
Or what's left of it!! Was falling apart in 97!

You could go to the lovely Cheeks nightclub, just around the corner from Yates Wine lodge, stunning decor, a great choice of music and friendly staff available to help if you get stuck to the carpet!
So, i have a run/steeplechase, followed by a couple of pints, a bit of dogging at the wellington and back for someting to eat!

Thats tuesday night sorted, just the rest of the week to plan now!

Why do i get put in the crap hotels?

However, that Gurka Resteraunt just opposite the runway is top notch! (and they give you a "business friendly" recipt!)

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