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What to do if you think someone is walting it up a touch

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fly_boy, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. I think that someone I know is walting it up a bit... The guy is a nice guy and is pretty unassuming but is in a senior management role in a company...

    He purports to have been educated at 'The Royal Military Academy' with all the associated connotations. However, I know that he was only a lance jack (full screw at most) in an artillery regiment.

    What should a chap do?

    Answers on a postcard...
  2. Let him know that you know, perhaps you too will soon be senior management!
  3. I like that idea.... unfortunately not in the same company anymore - I was just going through some LinkedIn connections and came across him again...
  4. Would it not be easier and possibly quicker to post an answer on line rather than send a postcard 8O
  5. Maybe he meant close to the RMA Woolwich
  6. Start a hate campaign?
  7. I was educated at the Academy in Woolwich, by several QA's
  8. There is a civvy side to RMAS, I think. Seem to remember some bint off The Apprentice was on the course. Could be (and probably am) wrong...
  9. A Witch-Hunt, followed by a show trial, then firing squad. That'll show him.
  10. I've thought of the public outing - the finger pointing of ridicule and the sneers of contempt....

    The broken career and the subsequent drink problem - his wife will leave hm and his children sneer at him with disdain...

    Subsequent homelessness ensues and the final broken husk of a man will be laid to rest in a paupers grave as a consequence of his acquired heroin and crack cocaine habit...

    Possibly a bit harsh????
  11. One at a time or altogether?
  12. He must be pretty good to get to a senior management position from being a junior rank? Maybe he went to a military school when he was a sprog.
  13. Why? I was in senior management, and i was at brats. What you were in the Army doesnt mean you cant make it outside you know. (okay gone downhill since then, but) :)
  14. I know plenty of junior ranks that made it to junior management positions but time was always against them to get any higher because they were staring at the bottom. Officers/senior ranks tend to filter in at a higher starting grade. Obviously there are exceptional people....which was my point.

  15. There's the problem right there. Bunch of leching perverts should have been concentrating on the job in hand.