What to do if captured in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RustySanchez, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. So I watched a documentary last night called 'Beast of War'. It was all about what to do if you get captured in Afghanistan. Apparently you just have to say the secret codeword 'Nanawatai' and they have to look after you, feed you and everything. You may have to blow up the odd T-55 but it beats having your clackers stuffed in your gob.

    Anybody tried it?
  2. Hiding behind skirts?

    Does that work with Jocks?

    See you Jimmy! Nanawatai!

    Fook off, I dinnae drink watai ye sassanach poof!
  3. It's 'parlay', oh sorry, that's pirates not afghanis. I'm forever getting them mixed up.
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  4. Is that the film about a Russian tank crew having a hard time back in the 80s, with a bullet of a tank commander, who trusts nobody? I remember the defiant intellectual crew member being captured by Mujihadeen, and saying that word. They spare him and have him help them blow up the Russian tank, and a Hip comes in to rescue him after the Mujihadeen have scattered. In the film, there are two Mujihadeen groups - the old traditional tribesmen in robes, getting about on foot and donkeys, and the younger, modern motorbikers in their combats.
  5. British military have a different word.Obviously I cannot tell you what it is.
  6. OHFUCK springs immediately to mind
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  7. My Li**le P**y.
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  8. Try من به شما مقدار زیادی پول به من بدهید اگر به شما اجازه من بروید.
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  9. Or ولگردی یا مفتخوری کردن من نیست.من یک معلم را بگویید.
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  10. Roll to your rifle and blow out your brains. It's in the Pam.
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  11. I think that particular advice is from an earlier handbook... Good old Kipling eh!
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  12. [video=youtube;aAz8B6_XQt0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAz8B6_XQt0[/video]
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  13. No sure about Afghanistan but in Iran isn't it simply "Here, take this iPod"
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  14. that's Liverpool isn't it?
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  15. Conduct immediate, emergency, uncontrolled defecation drills?
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