What to do for two years?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by welshperson88, May 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, let me explain my situation. I am currently going through the application process and was hoping to enter Sandhurst in September 2010 when I return from travelling. However it is very likely that I will have a medical set back that will defer my application until September 2011. Given that it can easily take a year if not more to get into Sandhurst from an application, I now have to find something to do with myself for those two years when I return from my travels.
    If I had a guaranteed place at Sandhurst it would not be a problem, I could just work somewhere local and build up some cash. However I of course would have no guarantees of getting in. Here in lies my dilemma, do I work some random job with the idea that i will be going into the forces?, or do i put both feet into alternative career options?. the problem being that there is not a lot of work that is similar to the job as an Army officer, and it may just be alot of wasted time and effort.
    I was maybe thinking of doing something totally out of the ordinary like doing a safari guide course in S.A for a year or teaching in Korea like one of my mates. Its not that I'm work shy, I just want to know that if I put all my efforts into an alternative career, its what I would be doing.What would you do if you were in my shoes? Put all yours efforts into the Army, and see if that works out. Alternatively look at other career options, that will take up alot of time, effort and likely money (involving relocation etc).
  2. Edited for not being reading accurately. Sorry.
  3. Do AOSB sooner rather than later, if you pass then that is, i believe, a guaranteed place. Then you can sod off and do a couple of ski seasons!
  4. If only... the medical deferral will not allow me to go to AOSB until after Sept 2011 :cry:
  5. Life experience charity work go sailing go round the world us summer camps etc etc

    get some !!!!