What to do during delay? (Besides training)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Sentinel89, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. I am sure most of you have seen that I am currently on a three month delay after my briefing, due to a poor bleep test performance. I am actually planning on taking a few more months after that now, as I would rather go into Sandhurst the fittest I have ever been, rather than simply fit 'enough' to just pass the minimum requirements, I am looking forward to getting back to British Military Fitness. A training routine is the easy part, but what to do with the rest of the time seems to be the issue now. I currently went from A levels to university with no delay and from university to my military application with no delay, now I am suddenly left with months to fill. I was wondering if any of you lot have any interesting ideas?

    One that was recommended to me was becoming a special constable, which sounded fantastic, sadly after checking all the details on this it seems it will take a full year before I could actually begin the job, so that is no good. I would have thought any sort of TA involvement would fall foul of the same sort of time problem? Though if anyone has information to contradict this please speak up!

    So that is my situation, please help! I really do not feel like working in a shoe shop for a couple of months on my run up to Sandhurst, especially since I really do not need the money, so interesting volunteer positions would be more welcome than a boring but high paying part time job.
  2. How about working in the countryside as a volunteer with the National Trust or some such like organisation
  3. Mini - Junior rugby coaching? The season's just starting and small rugby players and a platoon share many more characteristics than you might think. You'll certainly receive more than you give.
  4. Well I got a Cat 3 in my Briefing and have since joined the TA while I wait to do my main board. Took me 3.5 months from first walking into the TA centre to getting to the point where I am about to start my training. Which (as infantry) will be 9 weekends, one every 2nd week. So really youre then talking 20+ weeks from starting training to actually passing your training, thats if everything goes smoothly and there are no problems or delays.

    Don't get me wrong, I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the TA so far and no doubt will enjoy the rest, but if youre planning on going to main board in under a year (I've decided on leaving it 18 months to 2 years dependant on how the TA goes) then I wouldn't advise the TA. It is a lengthy process and really do you think theyd want to 'maybe' just get you finished your training in order for you to bugger off to Sandhurst?

    I would recommend checking out Here to see if you could get 6 months voluntary work overseas. Even then be prepared for the whole process start to finish to be just shy of a year.

    Really if you don't intend to take more than a matter of months, then I'd find something in your local community.
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    PBW Swinger

    Why not organise a few charity events?! They took up a lot of my time between interview, briefing and main board. They make good use of the grey matter (in terms of admin and organisation) and can give you physical goals for training motivation. Also it's always good to set yourself a challenge leading up to your main board, gives you lots to talk about whilst being highly achievable in the available timeframe. I'm not condoning the obvious travelling option but it is cheaper, you can still work whilst organising it and it can be relevant to your future career. Plus there's always the knowledge you'll be helping people!
  6. PBW

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    Quite a worrying turn of phrase when looked at from the wrong perspective regarding the subject matter!! And I though I'd outgrown childish jokes haha!
  7. Go to Thailand live in a boxing gym for a few months and have a fight at the end, it will get you lean and mean, boost your confidence, expand your cultural awareness, challenge you mentally and physically and if it achieves none of the afore mentioned results you can always go have fun with the ladyboys...
  8. cheap and cheerfull -24hr Three Peaks Challenge, raise some money for H4H at the same time. I found it easy, only took a few days to arrange and organise and suprise suprise only took a day to do!

    Edit to add I raised £2500 for a good cause aswell even if my motives where for a filler on a CV
  9. Good fun isn't it? Driving aside.....

    Some friends and I are thinking of attempting the 24 peak challenge in the lake district ie: 24 peaks in 24 hours.
  10. you would you crazy, adrenaline addicted fitness freak!

    Yeh it was a good laugh luckily we had a designated driver. Nav on scafell pike in the fog was a bit of a drama though
  11. Alright Sentinel,

    Don't know if I mentioned it before, but one of my hobbies is being a leader at the local Scout Troop.

    Pretty good at getting the mind working. Coming up with ideas and activities that keep kids interested, plus Scout troops are crying out for young people to help out. Its a good laugh too.

    Plus of course.... Its a CV Booster!