What to do as an executor / trustee / power of attorney

Because I’m aware there are inaccuracies. To address you own created issue and give a full accurate answer I would have to refer to legal texts, wasting time on correcting your mistakes to answer a question the OP hasn’t even asked.

I don’t need to refer to legal texts to recognise there are inaccuracies in the first place.


Hi, many thanks everyone for all your answers. Due to a combo of events that came up over the last few weeks (solicitor couldn't make date, BiL couldn't make next date, the week after i was in Crawley for a stag do on the Saturday before lockdown lifted and i got soaked whilst outside) we are only getting to meet the solicitor tomorrow, the 22nd. I cant get out of being a joint executor with my sister (as, i can if i refuse to be one, so she does it all, but i cant hoof her, its parents wishes). I still dont think it will be a problem, but when we are needing to do all this it will clearly be a stressful time, and of course it could turn out i'll be the one causing problems. She (sister) and I will discuss if theres anything specific we want, but contents wise unless theres something squirrelled away I don’t know about ive not come across anything I like.

to answer @shiny_arrse question they have a joint acc for bills but also seperate accounts for pay and day to day stuff, but ill ask them to list all of that or let solicitor know for when the time comes