What to cook on a Hexi Stove

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Dammj, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. Right i got to Air Cadets and tonight we are having a cook off. Yes I'm a cadet.....get over it.
    Just wondering what sort of meals can you or would suggest to cook on a hexi stove...
    Its a two course meal.
    I need something that will stand out!

  2. I would always recommend the follwoing:

    Lobster tail poached in buerre monte infused with butter followed by a Crème brûlée
  3. Well you got the cooking instructions for that one then ;)
  4. dont forget a nice crisp sauvignon blanc,
  5. You can poach fish, in mess tins a ,salmon fillet, with tinned new potatos, and garden peas, then use Hellmons for a dressing, piece of piss and tastes great, remember all tinned food is already cooked so it only needs to be heated
  6. Bacon grill with cheese possessed topping followed by toasted biscuits brown with cheese possessed topping
  7. Chili? Fry Mince and onion in mess tin, add tin of chopped tomatoes, Tin Kidney beans in Chilli Sauce. Add More Chilli Sauce. Boil 10 minutes. Job done.
  8. With Lemon Screech sorbet as a palate remover/cleaner between courses?
  9. You could throw together a nice steak and a simple sauce, mushrooms, cream etc. Any sort of pasta dish. All in stew. Bearing in mind that it'll all taste the same once you're done i.e. hexy block.
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Do you have to use a mess tin or can you improvise a bit? If you can, get a wok. If unavailable substitute with a normal frying pan or an upturned steel helmet with the innards removed, if not a mess tin will probably do.

    I would like to add at this point that usually I would not recommend using such ingredients as Chinese 5 spice or pre-prepared veg but in this case I'm sure it will be OK, since your cooking and washing facilities will be limited.

    Generic Oriental food stir fry.

    You will require:

    Meat, fish or prawns of your choice. (Cooked king prawns will probably be easiest and the least messy but yield the least impressive results.)
    Some veg. (Usual shite, onion, mange tout, baby corns, bean shoots, peppers etc. You can buy these in special stir fry packs where they are already chopped.)
    Sesame oil.
    Chinese 5 spice or some form of oriental spice sachet.


    Crush or finely chop garlic, coriander, chillis and ginger or alternatively use the puréed stuff that comes in a toothpaste tube. Put it in the wok and heat in some sesame oil, add the raw meat or fish at this stage and cook until it looks like it won't give you the shits. If using ready cooked prawns save these for later. Add the veg and cook until 'al dente' or still a little bit crunchy. Now you can add the prawns. Add the 5 spice or sauce sachet.

    Serve with rice or noodles.
  11. And by all means do not forget the proper way to test the stove to see if it is at proper cooking temperature is to place your face as near to the stove as possible and take as deep a breath as you can.
  12. And for desert a banana, sliced down the middle, liberally smeared with butter and brown sugar, wrapped in foil and cooked over the flame or in the wok for about 5 to 8 minutes. Serve on a dock leaf. Cooking doesn't get much tougher than this.
  13. Almas caviar piled high on biscuits brown as your starter
    Bacon Burger flambe'd with Lemon Powder solution as your main
    Fruit Salad with rolo's sprinkled with Dextrose Tablets for pudding
  14. Go with Tropper's idea. Good call.
  15. Sounds scrumptious but who carries the tins? Are "batmen" still allowed?