What to carry in your webbing?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by snakedoc93, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. I know this has been done before but what should you carry in your beltkit on operations? I am also looking for suggestions of a decent personal first aid kit!
  2. If you know that it's been done before why don't you use the search function up top and look for the answer then???
  3. make sure you include some black boot polish, I allways did. Swear by it!
  4. One thing you will realise as do many. Most of the sh1te that is carried in peacetime on the likes of career courses and on exercises will be binned within your first op on the ground if not sooner. Bullets bombs and water is priority, though obviously RCK and first aid kit (inc FFD) and some rations is pretty much a must also.
  5. Auld-Yin

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    Try asking DOlly86 - she seems to be current on how to pack webbing.
  6. go with a CAT Tourniquet and a slack handfull of Hemcon... If your in Ganners of course, **** all use elsewhere but you'll thank me when you need it!!! Elastoplasts ain't much cop out there fella!
  7. Ammo - lots of it, some water and a whistle, to call for help.
  8. The obligatory 50m of paracord no use then? :lol:
  9. Are you going for the world record in f ucking bone posts you tool?

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    Whats your next question going to be?
    SA80 or SLR?

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  10. Packing webbing is easy,
    Left ammo pouch= haribo
    Right ammo pouch= haribo
    water bottle and util pouches= haribo and the occasional mars bar

    Never ever carry a first aid kit, takes up to much space and is never used.

    Secondly get yourself a bright coloured camelbak with shoulder straps, make sure it is not a platypus as these take up too much space.

    make sure that you only fill it with coke or fanta or something that tastes nice, not water especially if you have to purify it.

    Hope this helps you,

    also saves searching on the site for input from people who take the P!ss out of stupid queries.
  11. I've been saying this for years anyway. People winge about my webbing which is a bit thin on the ground when there is no ammo in it to say the least.

    Small First Aid Kit
    Weapon Cleaning kit
    Something to prod mines with
    Small Torch (Head torch maybe)

    Thats pretty much all I have ever carried ever. All this mess tins, boot brushes, wash kit, mug gas stove and waterproofs lark just makes me laugh. It stinks of a Cadets camping weekend.
  12. The post reminds me of a painted figurine a lad from 9 Sqn RE showed me a few years ago, it was a Squaddie sat down with his webbing contents, Rifle, Ammo & Compo laid out in front of him, checking through everything before packing it away into the relevant pouches... has anyone got a picture or link to something similar? it was one of the best leaving gissets I'd seen.
  13. I was talking to a couple RF TA Infantry at an airshow last year. Both were wearing webbing. One had a CEFO of at least 15kgs, with rope, sandbags, extra waterbottles and carabiners hanging off him. The other had a couple of utes and a WB pouch, bayonet scabbard and a couple of ammo pouches. He also wore a camelback. One of the utes was empty too.

    Now guess which one had done an Op tour in Afghanistan?
  14. The first one?
  15. I have always found a small anvil to be of great use in my webbing.

    I have used in the past to sharpen by bayonet on, and of course one memorable time I used it to manufacture a rudimentory lathe so that I could produce a replacement smoke grenade pin.

    ALso handy for grinding flour.