what time is it?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mooony, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, at the stage were ive completed the barb test and awaiting medical stuff to get back from doctors. Just wondering what trhe times were for certain jobs in the army.
    I'm hopefully going into infantry but im so nevous about the mile and a half run! Just looking round the forum and seeing people sayin thy do it in 9 minutes is mad. Any adivce would be appreciated.
    oh im 16 :)
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Why would 9 minutes be mad? The fastest I've seen it is a little under 6.50 - he was 19, I think. And no, that is a straight up and honest comment and in boots.

    Do the best you can. If you want the paras, then train to do it in under 9.30 - it is more than possible at your age if you are even reasonable at running. If you chose not to go for that, then you have a little more latitude. The faster the better but to give you reasonable change look at the 10.30 mark as an outside min and push for more.
  3. u ok ben listen mate wen u get 2 selection its easier seems like is gna be hard wen u get ur selection dat my run time was 10:52 not had much time with family issues but i gave it my all and got 9:29 which im proud of ull find because ur with ppl and u know u HAVE to do it u just go and ur done before u know it im going infantry start may 17th it takes a while to get to this stage but its all gd fun in the process take each day as it comes pushing urself harder and harder run time for the infantry as i was told at ADSC a few weeks ago was 10:30 so just run run run and all the best of luck to you mate
  4. cheers guys. TBH it's not my legs i struggle with its my breathing that lets me down! if i could breathe properly i could do it alot quicker. Going running everyday or on the cross trainer a couple of times a week. Try and gain as much fitness as possible.
    Thanks again.
  5. In through your nose, out through your mouth.

    If your not ready for selection, tell your recruiter.
  6. Go and run outside - you are not improving as much using gym kit.
  7. Seconded.

    When I first started training I was hitting the gym nightly, and running on the treadmill... piece of pish I found it..

    Then a few weeks later I hit the road, and couldn't even finish! I've now got my runtime down to 10.26 - that's my best time so far - and I don't use the treadmill anymore either - it just pulls you feet back for you
  8. i do run outside 4 times a week and between those days i do 30 mins on cross trainer and upper body strength like pressups etc. I breathe in through the nose and through the mouth. always have done. Im still awaiting my medical forms to come back from the doctors then i've got to have my interview so it will be a few weeks yet. Train as much as possible uptill then,
  9. Gotta keep practicing. The set time for the 1.5 mile run is 10:30 up to 30 years old. This is your minimum. If you can't do that now, be worried about Ph1 phy - the more phys you do now, the less you will worry about it at Ph1. If you want inf, aim for a quicker time. And don't just run 1.5 miles. go further and do it every day. If you run 1.5 miles every day and aim to reduce the time, you'll be screwed on the endurance!
  10. when i go running i try and kill myself till i cant run any further. I aim to do 30 mins but on a wednesday i go running around these woods so would be over an hour easy.