What time-frames were you all looking at during the application process?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Bingobongo, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. Evening folks,

    I just began my application last week with the forms sent off from my local AFCO to apply for AOSB briefing.

    My question is what are the actual wait times at the moment between starting your application and hearing back from the local recruitment Colonel? And then how long were you waiting from that to getting on an AOSB briefing? And THEN, providing you got a cat 1 at AOSB, how long were you waiting for main board?

    Just to preempt any obligatory "if you want to be an officer you should show some initiative and look it up yourself" replies I've done that but it's impossible to get a concrete idea of how long things are taking at the moment. You hear so many different things. At one point I had heard that Sandhurst was backed up until September 2013 or even later but then I hear that people are still loading on to the first intake in 2013 (although obviously if I get in I still won't get through the process in time for that).

    The recruiting sergeants at my local AFCO were encouragingly optimistic about my chances and assured me that they were "certain" I'd probably get through the process in time to get a place on the May 2013 intake but then again....they probably have to say something reassuring like that so I'm not holding my breath. For all I know they might have been humoring me and thought I was a hopeless sack of shite (they wouldn't have been the first).

    So basically I was wondering could anyone going through the process or who has just gone through it give me an idea of what sort of waiting time they had on their hands? Also, if you happen to be somebody already in the army and in the know about such things perhaps you could give me an idea?

    Oh and of course if you have no clue whatsoever but feel like chucking in your own unsubstantiated claims then that's always welcome as well. This is arrse after all...

    Cheers for any input everyone. Any help is much appreciated...
  2. To my knowledge, Colonel makes an appearance once per month at AFCO, so your initial meeting depends when you first went into AFCO.

    Time gap between stages from then on (time to full first interview with Colonel, then Briefing, then AOSB, then entry) typically three months apiece. You're looking at 12 months min before Sandhurst I would think.

    Best of luck to you.
  3. Yes what Pyianno said. I'm just waiting for a date for selection and its taken me about 10 months to get this far and that is with everything going smoothly. I estimate by the time i'm in and assuming my passes are high enough it'll be around the 14 month mark from app to phase 1. But everyones different, patience is a virtue my friend.
  4. Similar to others, I applied in October then eventually heard back in December, interview in jan, briefing April, main board most likely will be a good 3 months again, earliest RMAS most likely may 2013 but there is a short list for the inevitable drop outs.

    Bare in mind in-between all this you should have 3 Fam visits to your chosen regiments and also the potential officers insight course so plenty to keep you busy.

  5. My first contact with officer recruiting started at the end of July '11 and I then had my first interview on September 22nd, followed by briefing on November 28/29, FAM visit last monday to Signals and main board is May 15-18th. Earliest intake for me is January with May 13 being quite likely. September intakes fill up very quickly due to the combination of wellbexians and graduates and so it is very difficult to get in to and I believe September 13 is already mostly fully due to people who have passed main board but don't finish their studies until next July but want their place guaranteed.

    The FAM visits are dependant on your ACA1 - Some will refuse to send you on any until you have passed briefing and then may limit it to one or two until you have passed main board.
  6. Thanks for this lads. Very helpful replies here and you all seem to be experiencing the same sort of time frame between start to finish so that's encouraging.

    Ah well. At least at this rate I'll hopefully be in RMAS before the rapture if I'm lucky. That's fairly positive I suppose.

    And Habayeb you're right I need to get fam visits done in there somewhere but as Yorkshire Lad says you need either a cat-1 at AOSB or at least a promising cat-2 and I haven't done that yet so that's going to have to wait.

    And Yorkshire Lad I was told to expect to end up on the September intake of next year but, as you say, there's a lot of stuff to get done in between now and then and a lot of people going in for it so will just have to wait and see.

    Either way I'm 23 and a half now and I reckon I'm going to be comfortably 25 if and when I get in!
  7. I'm getting concerned as I'm 24 and am 25 on the 25th of this month, I need entry in jan 2013 and I keep hearing whispers that it's full! I have my briefing on 15-16th April then main board a few months after that! I want infantry for sure so am very worried indeed!
  8. I can see why you might be concerned mate. Even at my age it looks a bit tight!
  9. You wouldn't have been allowed to go to briefing if the ACA didn't think you had some prospect of getting the Jan 2013 intake I would have thought.

    It'll be tight though and you are highly unlikely to be able to secure 'confirmed candidate' status with one of the few specialties that will take people over the age of 26.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear.
  10. Guys,

    My timeline was as follows:

    Applied May 2011
    Interview August 2011
    AOSB Briefing 5 -6 November 2011 (Cat 1)
    AOSB Main Board 28 Feb - 2 March 2012 (Passed)
    PCCBC 29 October 2012
    RMAS start January 2013 (CC 131)

    Hope it helps. There is a possibility that you will get loaded onto an earlier CC if you are lucky (drop outs/deferrals)

  11. Oh yeah I forgot to say, I am 24.5 yrs old. I will be 25 in October so when I commission i will be 26. I want infantry. Provided you are fit then you have no worries!
  12. Bloody hell. That took ages for you mate! 20 months? So you were even younger than me when you applied.
  13. It's looking like it'll be 22months for me minimum - It really isn't a fast process, but the wait would definitely be worth it.
  14. The actual process of going to Westbury and 'getting in' only takes a few months but it is the initial wait and then the subsequent wait to get a place on the next commissioning course which is a pain in the arrse. 10 month wait from MB pass to weeks 1-5 at RMAS. It is a serious wait but as YL has said, most definitely worth it. If this is what you want to do as a career then a few months won't make a difference. Plus it gives you a chance to sort out some fam trips as well as a nice long holiday if you fancy it.
  15. You're not wrong Sweeters. My only concern is that if I'm 23 and a half now won't that put me pretty close to being too old to get a commission into a decent regiment once I get through RMAS (providing I do obviously)? Like you I'm after infantry as well but I'd heard much less positive things than you about commissioning into cbt arms once you get past 25. Who told you otherwise? Still it's encouraging to see somebody who'll be commissioning around the same age as me.

    And yeah I'm aware of the fam visits that I need to get done but I won't be able to really get the ball rolling on that until I've got a category score after AOSB. Shitter.