what time do long sleeves go to short sleeves?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jinkeye, May 5, 2006.

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  1. been having a discussion as to when short sleeve order comes in? can any one settle this debate.

    many thanks in advance

  2. 1st of May for this part of the world
  3. Ditto...are you late? :wink:
  4. It has to be warm for at least a week then you finally go into short sleeves.

    Then it goes cold again or that's the way it seemed.

    Heat exhaustion followed closely by hypothermia.
  5. 1st of may, also they go up at dawn down at dusk, allegedly its something to do with being in india and mosquitos or something? might just be rumour though
  6. "If a soldier cannot tell if he is hot or cold, I do not want him in my Army" - Fld Marsh Montgomery
  7. I believe sleeves go down at 1800hrs.

    If you are RM you never wear your sleeves down because it would make you look less than hard. Their reasoning is that if it gets cold they just put a combat jacket on.

    Most probably utter nonsense but I have heard it said that the length of sleeve is now a matter of personal choice, i.e. allowing soldiers to decide if it is hot or cold (see Monty quotation above).
  8. My part one orders tell me if it is hot or cold. They told me from the 1st April it was hot and up went my sleaves to remain there till 1st October except after 1800 (but doesn't tell me at what time in the morning they go up).

    Great when all this thinking lark is done for me.
  9. what time do long sleeves go to short sleeves?

    When you put it in a boil wash?
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Save the trouble, short sleeve order all year with smock on if cold. Don't you lot have doors and windows???
  11. Well that would be the common sense approach but I have tried it and been constantly moaned at "Its a uniformity issue T_B_B".

    Jaysus get a life, sir!
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Thankfully our RSMs agreed that it should be so, and voila...it is so. Much easier!
  13. my way of thinking has for years been, if its a parade then set a common standard. if its just normal training/work then let the individual decide as long as they don't look like a bag of s###.
    in the crabs now, the above is very much the case finaly, the dress regs changed a few years back. you can now wear shirt sleave order year round in the RAF.

    hmmm, I wonder if 5.56 will post on here with a bone question ...... like is it really really cool to modd your '95 shirt to short sleaves. :D
  14. Up on 1st May like. Read Pt 1's !!

    Down after 1800hrs. Anti-malarial percaution adopted during the days of the Raj etc etc
  15. I used to do precisely that anyway. I never could understand the reasoning behind sweating one's spuds off in a Jersey HD when the sun was shining.