What three things annoy you the most in life?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RoyalMarine1995, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Just when we though there wasn't enough hate in the world, I though I'd do a thread to help remind you what you hate the most.

    OK so I'll start:

    1. Muslims burning poppies on Armistice day (Why are they even here?)
    2. People living on benefits that don't need to be (aka too lazy to do anything else)
    3. Piers Morgan (What a doosh!)
  2. The monthly "when do I get paid this month" threads on Arrse.

    The guaranteed "OSM insert-newest-conflict-area-here medal" threads on Arrse.

    The annual "when will we get our bounty" threads started by some STAB, on Arrse.

    The annual "What gash are you gonna spunk your bounty on?" threads, started by some STAB on Arrse.
  3. People who don't indicate when negotiating roundabouts/turning corners
    Fat disgusting people wheezing around town putting me off my Bigmac
    Fat disgusting people wheezing around town getting my way
  4. 1. My Wife
    2. My Girlfriend
    3. The fact that they obviously know about eachother.
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  5. 1. People who don't read the original post
    2. People who can't follow basic instructions
    3. People who can't count?
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  6. 1. The Wife

    2. Her indoors

    3. The Evil Twat who spends all my money, drinks all my booze, kicks my Dog, sits on her fat arse all day and as the audacity to tell me to get off my arse - Yes, that's right, it's Smudger's Wife!!!!!
  7. Fat people (particularly the smelly ones)
    Benefit Parasites (particularly the smelly ones)
    Shit drivers
  8. Once drove an ERF, that was a shit drive.
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    1. The rich senior management git who parks his Morgan in the only disabled spot in the car park and can't see why it's wrong.
    2. The fact the rich senior management git can afford a Morgan as he's on 5 times my salary despite doing nothing to benefit the project.
    3. The rich senior management git who is still sitting on his fat arrse in his office drinking coffee talking loudly to another rich management git about golf as he has been for the past 2 hours.


    p.s. anyone spot a theme today?
  10. Feck. Must pay more attention, must pay more attention, must pay more attention.

    I'm not married!
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  11. 1. Not being rich enough to engorge myself on booze, slutty women and outrageous holidays for the rest of my life

    2. Rape being illegal

    3. Alcohol giving you a hangover
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  12. 1. The contract management team of the Govt department we subcontract too
    2. Fiona Bruce's constant gesticulation and facial expressions as she acts out the 10 O'Clock news
    3. Theism of any flavour
  13. 1, People who think that the braking distance I have left between my self and the vehicle in front was in fact left for them as they were busy doing other things instead of positioning their vehicle in the correct lane for their exit.

    2, People who spend a fortune on weddings and you know damn well its going to go tits up in 3 years. Rule of thumb smaller the wedding longer the marriage.

    3,Black cars they never stay clean and show every minor scratch. Why did they let me do it? This everyone else's fault but mine.
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  14. Colorado beetles
    Sky customer services (I'm sure I have indicated this before)
    Fat commuters
  15. On a personal note, F.C. I find that I can drink vast quantities of "Uncle Joe Stalin's White Wine" without suffering,

    it's a shame that the same cannot be said for my Wallet.