What this world really needs......

Right, so I'm on my class 1 trade course and someone decided it would be a good Idea to spam my course with the Young Enterprise make your mark challenge. We have to come up with a business idea and plan that "Makes Life Fun.... And Earns A Ton". Being a course of spackers we are totally stumped. We have to finish this today but so far all we've managed to do is look at porn and drink brews. As a last resort we thought we'd see if you guy's have any good suggestions :?
Check out the details here.
All the details are on the downloadable file.

Sh1t shield is up and ready for incoming :D

Greetings cards are the way forward, my man! Only they'd be greetings cards with a difference: instead of "Get Well Soon", they'd say "Get Worse Soonest" or words to that effect. Also cards with: "I Hope You Have A Shite Birthday", or "Yes Your Arrse Looks Fückin' Huge In Those Jeans!" and so on.

They're for sending to people you don't particularly like. :D :D :D

Decent flavoured condoms - never mind chocolate and bannana, I want the lady in my life to have a wider choice of taste sensations.

What about - kebab, guiness shits and earwax flavours? It wouldn't make my wife's life fun but it would make me giggle...
Isn't it obvious? Run a "genuine, as done by the SAS / SBS / Royal Marines / Womens' Auxiliary Balloon Corps" survival weekend, concentrating mainly on the escape and evasion / resistance to interrogation part! Bullish banks will send their throbber traders (who all have 'Sun Tzu's Art of War as applied to the Boardroom' or some such other bowlocks on their desks) to it in droves to make them all into elite capitalist warriors... :roll: Graduates of said course leave with a certificate signed by the CO of 49 PARA and a year's supply of black nasty.
Skiff O'grams.
Simply charge people to have their mates skiffed during their hen night/birthday parties etc.
Employ blokes coming in off eccers with copious amounts of built up arrse butter/helmet kase, £50 a time for doing to some bird having a birthday, what they'd only be doing to their oppos anyway.