What things do you see all the time on TV or in Films?


Mobile phones always work unless they're needed. Equally all phones and doors are answered straight away unless being chased.

Taxis and parking spaces are always handy.

In soaps everyone stops work at the same time to meet in the pub where the barstaff have never ever been Aussies, Kiwis or eastern Europeans.

Nobody gives essential information without a preamble, often giving the baddy time to intervene.

Villains always give a lengthy talk on their future plans before trying to off the hero. Spoiler alert. With the honourable exception of Samuel Jackson once.


Haven't read the whole thread, so this might have been posted already.

New born babies always look too old.

*I accept it's probably not particularly easy to get hold of an actual new born baby for the scenes, but some of the sprogs you see masquerading as new horns are visibly months old.


When the investigating cop has just finished questioning a suspect/witness and is on the point of leaving, s/he invariably turns back at the door/exit to make one more really telling point. It (most probably) started with your man "Columbo" there, but in the meantime has been picked up and used by just about every Old Bill series in the book. German Old-Bill series (all the SOKOS, Tatort, Polizeiruf 110, etc) seem to be particularly fond of the device.

Charles Bronson in 10 to midnight .

"I'm re- booking you murder one"
With perhaps the exception of Das Boot submarine interiors are vast cathedral-like spaces in comparison to reality. Ditto tank turret interiors.
You'll love this then

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