What things do you see all the time on TV or in Films?


Whenever a sad story full of human interest is presented on tv, a shot of an unbelievably wrinkled and veiny hands has to be shown, wrung together to emphasise the tragedy


Not one weapon has any recoil. And in films, I like to play the game of 'spot the product placement'. Anyone drinking a softie has the logo to camera, buildings have electronics company ads etc. ad nauseam. First noticed it when the original 'Blade Runner' came out.
I cannot stand people putting their hands to their ears or talking into their wrists when they are supposed to be surveillance officers.
The white coil of shock-absorber spring leading from the ear to the large lump in the jacket pocket is sometimes a giveaway, too. Jason Bourne's opponents usually grab and talk into their collars when they report to their Secret Base:
When the good guy has a female in tow who he's protecting from the bad guy, after telling her to keep quiet and stay put and don't move while he checks things out. You just know she's not going to listen and she'll get herself captured by the bad guy creating more problems for the good guy.
After the mildest shunt, American cars always explode in a massive fireball.
Ah it's not just American cars. In Where Eagles Dare when Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood rolled a kubelwagen down a mountainside, halfway down it burst into flames then exploded. Planes on the airfield also burst into flames and exploded when they were given a bump on the tail with a kubelwagen
Automatic weapons absolutely have to be fired on full auto. Nobody in film or tv has ever heard of a change lever, ammunition conservation or muzzle jump. Directors seem to have a hard on for showers of ejected brass.

Sounds like a couple of real SWAT teams I have seen.
They always run up the stairs to the top of a building ....... to escape????
Firearm suppressors (silencers) that make a very quiet pffft noise.


Not so much recently, probably 'cos I have just about given up on watching TV, but women giving birth and screaming their heads off. No wonder the young are putting off having a family. Do we really need this type of drama.


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Walking through the blast area of an explosion with flames and rubble flying everywhere except at the hero/heroine!
Walking through the blast area of an explosion with flames and rubble flying everywhere except at the hero/heroine!
Indeed, and always walking away (in a determined, heroic yet somehow slightly dim way) from cataclysmic explosions, with no looking back.
In the 1st 10 minutes of every American made product the lead character will be shown at breakfast with his loving (puke) family.

99% of Americans even women ( @LJONESY ) will order or drink Whisky. They think it makes them sound tough. :)
In sex scenes when they finish, there are no tissues/cleanup etc. afterwards. Not even a wipe on the curtains.
Also the female always pulls the sheets up to cover her t*ts. They’ve just been going at it like a pair of sex starved nympho chimps all night, no doubt scoring in every orifice and ending with a man custard facial, but all of a sudden she gets embarrassed about flashing her t*ts.

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