What things do you see all the time on TV or in Films?

I vaguely remember the combat series from when I was a kid. I must try to watch some of it again. I’m with you on the WW1 stalhelms. Worse still though is when Lee Enfields are used to equip axis troops, because they just happen to have wooden furniture and a bolt, so will do as Mausers or Arisakas.
Shades of "The Blue Max" where the Tommie's have SMLE and the Huns No.4's with no.9 bayonets

Filmed in Ireland where the rifles were in service in the reserve and the helmets were actually Vickers made for an Irish contract pre Ww 2.
Also the "Spandaus" were covers for Irish Army Carl Gustav M45 SMG's. You can see the mag coming out of the barrel jacket and empty casings ejecting from the side of the Jacket

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Of course. As you get higher, the magnetism is weaker and some of the air blows away, like it did on the moon, where gravity is so weak that you have to wear lead boots so that you don’t float away.
Magnetism and gravity are different things


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I have had to stare at lots of drawings in my life as I make stuff for a living, Now I don't know if that makes me tend to notice mistakes or continuity mess ups more, or if I am on the spectum......

Anyhow they ruin the scene for me, as per in say even a massive budget film like Schindler's List when Ben Kingsley is going to get it in the neck (literally!) for not making enough hinges....A major scene in the film.

If you ignore the nonsense with the non feeding P08 and other small self loader, ie. constant cocking, nowt ejected etc. etc.

When he walks off the small auto has somehow been transformed into a Military and Police / M1917 / Colt or similar revolver, he tosses it and his mates pick it up and start waving it about even.

I get they may have filmed it on two different occasions, but people get a lot of dosh to get this simple stuff right.

Apart from these sorts of things the usual wrong engine sounds, tyres screeching on gravel, no ammo pouches and another favorite these days, the constant cocking of pump shotguns in scenes every time they are waved about or to stress the threat of using one etc.
Point of order - it wasn't Ben Kingsley who was going to get slotted re: the hinges, it was some other old fart.