What things do you see all the time on TV or in Films?

When the "bad" guy is found out in a group and kept alive as the protagonist for the rest of the film. I think in Aliens got it right when they found out that Carter was going to kill the rest on the way back to Earth:

Ripley: We have to take him back to stand trial.
Cpl Hicks: No, we just shoot him now, no offence!


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The senior policeman at every station is always an angry black guy.
And what is the logic behind keeping spare keys in the car?
Who needs spare keys when you have a wife, who can drive to your location and use the clicker to unlock your truck for you!!
For the price of lunch at the Outback this service is readily available!


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Crimes can only be solved by renegade coppers who are currently suspended.
I hate those scenes where someone is supposed to be smoking but not actually smoking. Takes a deep draw on a cigarette and exhales nothing.

Bowie knifes (and knives generally) are always pristine and shiny chrome, despite being in the sheath of even the most grizzled frontiersman.


The thing where the hero takes a shoeing and walks off unmarked isn't a movie thing; it's real. Owen Jones is living proof.


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Just by removing your specs and shaking out your hair can transform a plain librarian into a sexy fox.

Police sergeants in LA can afford a 6bed mansion and a £100k fishing boat (Roger Murtaugh)
In the USA, nobody goes out for a pint with mates. They just sit at the bar sullenly nursing a glass of whisky.


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Something that actually does happen on a very regular basis in German "Krimis" is that the "Kommissar" will go creeping up with his regulation SIG Sauer P226/228 or his H&K P7/13 and then yell at the baddy to put his hands up whereby his weapon has magically transformed into a Beretta 92 (which the Boxheed Old Bill aren't even issued with). It puts me right off me Pringles, it does.
Cop's/soldier's/fireman's wife spends most of their downtime telling him to stop doing whatever it is that brings an income to feed her and her ghastly children, so they can spend more time holding hands. The bitchiness always increases at the crucially important point in his career.
Actually that’s quite true to life, to be fair...
Dispirited and cynical septic detective comes home to his dilapidated apartment (his wife left him, y’know) and pours himself a single finger of whiskey. Necks it. Then pours himself another. Necks it again...usw...

FFS just fill the fecking glass up!
Much akin to using a Scottish actor, famed for his accent in the role as an Egyptian long lifed swordsman, or even a Russian sub captain?
Or a US Army MP Lieutenant Colonel



Anyone poured a shot of spirits in a bar necks it in one.
What are they supposed to do? Marry it?

The heroine is never pig ugly

No one ever sais things like "can you pick me up please? My car just failed its MoT

Police shows never show them fiddling their overtime reports or arresting the wrong man

War films always seem to have something happening and absolutely no really really boring times

People always take the mag off/open the revolver up to check its loaded when its fairly obvious that they loaded it in the first place, or, on recipt of the firearm, would have done it there and then

No one ever gets phoned up for PPI/insurance/change your electricity supplier


I always love how in the The Walking Dead, everybody is an expert marksmen scoring head shots at 50 meters with a handgun or using rifles without any sort of sights or optics and putting rounds on target.
...and have no concerns about punching the zombies in the face despite knowing that a bite will kill and turn them.
Spaceship crews invariably consist of wildly disparate and incompatible psychopaths, sex fiends, comedians, ludicrously attractive scientists, toughguys and a born leader (a woman).
I'll go one better. Space ship crews supposedly full of 'professionals' such as scientists who are so dysfunctional/incompetent they wouldn't have even got past the first interview to become crew.
Prometheus I'm looking at you here!


All off duty personnel in an enemy camp can burst out of the barracks door fully suited, booted and tooled up within seconds of a gunshot or alarm sounding.
The thing where the homo takes a shoeing and walks off unmarked isn't a movie thing; it's real. Owen Jones is living poof.
In that case, fixed for accuracy.
The intellect with tits sitting beside you always saying, "why did he do this, why did he do that, why did that happen".

"Because it is in the script FFS".

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