What they dont teach you on All Arms Drill!!!


That's quite amazing. I wonder how many dropped rifles before they became that good. It's like they were moving in slow motion at some points, it made a very weird effect, like it was computer generated because they were in such perfect time.


Puts Queens Colour Squadron Rock apes to shame.


Seemed more like dancing than drill, not a fan. Though I appreciate the work it must take.


Nice display, but in military terms....GAY!


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2 years doing that and impressing loads of young babes OR tours in Iraq or 'stan...i know which one i'd pick. It may look gay but I think it gets women moist which is what really counts, sort of foreplay with guns. last time I tried that, i got arrested for aggravated kidnapping and buggery. mind you I wasn't wearing a pretty uniform, unless a balaclava counts?


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the_matelot said:
You really do not want to be the person who fcuks it up in public!

Very very impressive however I think this is far better in terms of blackcatting...


Agree with Matelot on this one. Who´d have thought it: US Navy beats USMC at drill :headbang:

Be a good "showpiece" for the next Trooping the Colour though. Mind you, I wouldn´t want to be the young Grenadier Guardsman chucking his rifle at the Badge :omg:
i saw some of these drill pigs at the military tattoo in 2001/2002 ish cant quite remember, i think they were norwegian or somewhere up that neck of the woods.

all i know is they were amazing, gay or not, takes some discipline to do it.
Said it before and I'll say it again.... GAY!!!


pretty gay drill, glorified cheer leaders its GAY
Yeah, sorry, I have to go with the GAY vote. If you want to play with your weapon make it the pink one, that makes the ladies damp as well if you do it right.

They should all march in to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDrIMzHzQQk

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